Medical Billing Outsourcing Companies

How QBOT stemmed haemorrhaging margins in the Wound Care specialty

Read how QBOT combined technology and some enterprise, to solve the front end malaise of the Wound Care specialty, overcome by eroding margins and competitiveness.

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Outsource Medical Billing Companies

Masters in Radiology Coding

Read how offering an unfair advantage our customers, has enabled us both to acquire new wins faster than ever before. The average size of the new business went up by 23%.

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Medical Billing Companies in India

Newest and Fastest.

Read how we had to navigate a tough sales process by taking a high risk route, only for that very route to open up additional avenues not anticipated.

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Medical Billing Company in India

Your risks are ours too.

Read how we lent a extra hand to pull a project out of the woods for our customer.

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Best Medical Billing Companies in India

Make something great, greater.

How we pushed the bar up on performance when it was seemingly beyond our reach in the first place.

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Medical Billing and Coding Companies Chennai

Build. Operate. Transfer. Support.

A multi-specialty billing company with nationwide customer base and multiple delivery centers across the US and offshore intended to set up captive capabilities in India. Find out how we were able to increase the benchmarks on productivity and build a rugged training module.

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Medical Billing and Coding Chennai

Partnering for skill, partnering for size

A large IT services organization approached us to help them construct a proposal to win a large DME billing business. Here’s how we solutioned the challenge.

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Medical Coding Automation

A upside story in facts and figures

Our client won a bid for billing and technology services from a 350-doctor multi-specialty group in the Midwest. Here’s how Quintessence helped it’s customer make an impact, with hard facts and numbers.

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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions in India

Top 3 in 4 years flat

The partnership goal was to power into the industry Top 3 in seven years. It was to be achieved through cost savings and performance improvement. A focussed, multi-wave strategy was set in motion.

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Quintessence RCM Technology

Speed is the new big

This client partner is a prominent player in the diagnostic and orthopedic segments, in the Midwest region. They were fighting a Fortune 20 company for market share in one segment, and faced pricing pressure from their customer base on the other. This was squeezing margins by 12%, when Quintessence was called in to arrest margin erosion, and then build capabilities to expand the customer base.

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