Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is a fast-paced specialty comprising a wide range of medical services – from first aid to primary care, trauma care, and surgery. The Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act in the United States requires all healthcare practices to offer emergency services, regardless of whether the patient is covered by insurance or has the ability to pay.

CDC states that nearly 136 million Americans visit ER rooms every year. On an average, this is about 372, 602 patients visiting the ER in a day, across the country. That’s why the ER rooms of hospitals are busy all day and night, leaving the backend teams struggling to keep up.

Emergency medicine billing and coding are challenging just for the number of cases the department deals with daily. The process is more complicated because of the kind of services that needs to be provided. Unlike other specialties, the medical billers and coders here need to understand comprehensive medical practices and services offered across different categories.

Eligibility verification is absolutely critical here, and the billers need to quickly understand the regulations and admissions relating to different ER services.

When it comes to Emergency medicine coding, there are three components to precisely cover – history, examination, and treatment offered. For your coder to get this right, the documentation team needs to be on its toes.

There are so many sub-divisions of Emergency Medicine, like the following, and QBSS has the expertise to handle each one of them right.

Minor procedures



Trauma care

Emergency surgeries

Life support care


Why Quintessence?


Quintessence offers exclusive Emergency Medicine billing and coding services with a dedicated and experienced workforce.


Our AI-based tools bring efficiency and speed to EM billing and coding. This means that claims move quickly forward and reimbursements are made on time.


We work on tightening your RCM process and finding loose ends and bottlenecks. We create changes that lead to long term results.


Emergency coders must have specialized skills and undergo intensive and periodical training sessions to stay up-to-date. Quintessence handles this for you so that you focus on emergency care.


Our contingency-based fee model helps practices and healthcare organizations that are hesitant to spend money on services they haven’t used before. In fact, a majority of our clients work with us on a contingency basis.


Emergency Medicine is a department that can eat into your revenues when you don’t handle it well. Quintessence has helped businesses cut back up to 50% of costs, and this way, you will be able to offer world-class services without worrying about revenue dips.

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