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Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies for RCM is Quintessence’s suite of tools that were created to enable a smooth and efficient Revenue Cycle Management process, by working independently from your Billing system.

These astute technologies that are light on your pocket, will surely be a game-changing value addition to your Medical Billing and coding process.


How convenient would it be if one specific team, comprising of the best minds in the industry, constantly monitors every single claim in the billing cycle end-to-end, starting from the transmission all the way to the payments?

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? With Quintessence’s End-to-End tool, such precision and quality control is now easy to achieve.

As part of the Enabling technologies for RCM, Our End-to-End tool is a one-stop workflow management platform designed to administer claims flow with unwavering focus. The tool constantly monitors claims and provides ground-breaking data to find out and fix revenue leakages in the RCM process.

How does the End-to-End tool work?

The End-to-End tool follows the independent parallelism design with your existing billing system. Once installed the tool starts monitoring the process meticulously. You will be able to generate reports and track claims that are in the billing cycle and analyse and create status-based work queues (rejected, awaiting status, denied, paid and so on).

The tool works along the billing system hereby capturing live claim statuses. The AR and denials team can check claim status in real time and take timely action. The account receivables analysts can filter claims by status and denial type.

Why choose the End-to-End tool?

Control your workflow even when you outsource.

Many surveys over the years have indicated a whopping 99% of companies who have outsourced their Billing and coding services felt they lost control over their business’s workflow. End-to-End puts control back where it belongs.

Having the opportunity to monitor Quintessence’s workflow across all RCM processes at any given instant, is an immense power vested to clients. This will increase your confidence in us and give you a bird’s eye view of your business being executed by us.

End-to-End is customizable Enabling technology for RCM that cater to your specific business process. With a User Interface that’s quick to understand and navigate. Clients can go so far as to specify the different types of output they want from the tool.

Since this is an End-to-End platform that various teams across different departments use, it facilitates hassle-free communication between processes and aids in identifying error prone situations; thereby helping quick turn-around on claims. Delays because of internal bottlenecks are a thing of the past with the End-to-End tool.

Use this tool to understand production levels and monitor our process quality. The tool supports quick decision making on claims using vital data and our clients benefit from swift processing and pay-outs.

All our tools and software are HIPAA compliant. That means access is always limited and role based, eliminating the risks of security breaches with trackability.

Payments Control

A major task for any practice is to ensure that the books tally at the end of the month. Keeping a track on the payments received in the bank against what’s posted, is definitely a monthly task that often becomes cumbersome. Finding a one-stop solution that not only monitors the cash flow but can also keep a check on offsets and refunds, can be challenging. Most of our clients find it tiresome to manually get this done month on month. This is where our Payments Control System saves the day.

An Enabling technology for RCM that’s best-in-class that is created to maintain a healthy workflow process design which is easy to understand and follow through. Our tool is everything your business needs to handle complex month-end reconciliation processes, quickly and efficiently.

Quintessence’s Payments Control System is upgraded with the following features:

  1. Expertly tracks payments received v/s payments posted v/s payments pending
  2. Tracks collection agency payments
  3. Quickly points out imbalances in payments
  4. Upload reports to facilitate claim audits quickly
  5. In-built query management system to prevent the need for multiple documents
  6. Can provide real-time status of received batches
  7. Tracks turnaround times precisely

Doctor Portal

Many times, there may be a need to get in touch with the healthcare provider for clarifications or critical details. Right now, this is a cumbersome process that is highly inefficient in terms of speed and accuracy. The task involves a great deal of back-and-forth communication, sometimes extending for weeks.

The lack of the right information may stop claims from being processed at the right time, which affects the AR cycle.

With this must have enabling technology for RCM, it now becomes easy to reach out to the specific healthcare provider for the correct information. The portal lets you raise tickets and the client will be able to check the details and provide the required information quickly.

Benefits of using the Doctor Portal:

The fact that the Doctor Portal is a free tool that all our end clients can make use of, is an added benefit.

Ability to review the ticket midway before it reaches the healthcare provider

A sharp decrease in resolution time

Brings down the need for redundant internal communication

A single portal to track past and present queries and their resolution status

Easy to track the reason for delays and identify the exact place / team at which the ticket is stagnant

Helps keep a check on the process flow

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