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Revenue Cycle Management

Quintessence provides full cycle or partial scope Revenue Cycle Management services to medical billing companies and medical specialty practices.

Our medical billing and coding services are for office-based specialties, hospital-based specialties (like Emergency Departments, Radiology, Anesthesia, and Pathology departments, hospitals),  hospital outpatient departments, same-day surgery centers, labs, independent imaging centers, DME and other allied healthcare facilities.

Taming the clinical, administrative, regulatory dimensions of the business while tackling insurance company idiosyncrasies is a tough ask. With expert knowledge and over two decades of experience in the industry, we work on perfect solutions for your RCM demands effectively.

The parts, the sum of the parts, or the whole
Practices and billing companies have different RCM needs. Our Revenue Cycle Management services are modular and can meet your specific goal for a process or the collective full cycle RCM services. We can handle individual processes that need, additional resources or take responsibility for your entire RCM. We tailor services around your specific needs and solutions, with technologies to positively impact your business.