Neurology is one of the nerve-racking specializations of healthcare! This is a section where the front-end services provided and the backend billing and coding are both equally challenging. Depending on the size of your practice, your billers may need to file thousands of claims every week. At times, due to lack of time, multiple claims may need to be filed at once, really quickly.

Unless your billers and coders have the expertise needed, delays in filing claims, errors in the information submitted, and lack of follow-up can all happen, invariably bringing down your revenues generated.

Coding is definitely challenging for a specialization like neurology, where the multiple codes and modifiers must be used correctly, so the treatment’s entire essence is captured. Even the smartest of coders can make mistakes, and that is why it is important to back your team up with the right technology. AI tools, machine learning software, and computer-aided coding are all expensive investments that not all practices can afford to make right away. Without these, handling high-volume claims may not be feasible. That’s when a third-party service provider like Quintessence can help.

Also, neurology billers and coders must undergo intensive training before they get ready to handle the specialty. As payers change their regulations, more learning and relearning are needed. Most practices cannot afford to invest in a full-fledged billing and coding team this way.

Despite what below sub-specialties your neurology practice deals with, Quintessence will be able to take over billing and coding effortlessly.

Pediatric Neurology

Clinical Neurophysiology


Neuromuscular medicine

Pain medicine


Consultative Neurology

Why Quintessence?


Quintessence is exactly the right-sized third-party service provider for you. Our team of carefully picked experts, backed by top-notch technology, ensures we have operational efficiency and have dedicated teams to handle individual accounts.


Quintessence makes performance guarantees that we stick to from day one. Our SLAs are practical, beneficial, and strictly adhered to from the minute we make them.


Our tech team is made up of subject-matter experts and individuals with decades of experience in this field. This is a dream team you can work with when you decide to hire Quintessence.


Our results are not quick-fixes. Quintessence acts as your partner and is quick to spot problematic trends and opportunities in your existing process and offer game-changing strategies that bring in long-lasting and substantial results.


Quintessence’s AI-based tools are designed to bring efficiency, speed, and precision to your billing and coding processes.

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