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Built for the production environment, Codessence is a unique Machine Language-based coding tool that has been designed and developed by teams who manage large billing and coding operations processing millions of encounters, and technology professionals who understand RCM. Codessence takes the guesswork out of manual coding, and increases productivity.

Codessence can interface with hospital or EMR systems using HL7 standards (or equivalent) for demography and medical reports; and match and take them into the coding program. Custom workflows are possible to suit customer businesses.

The human coder-driven audit process, delivers the coded output as a HL7 or any interface that your PMS can handle. The output file is subject to all possible edits and is ready to transmit. Codessence edits include LCDs, practice-specific edits, carrier guidelines and MIPS measures. These edits are sourced from gold standard sources and built into Codessence. This unique feature of Codessence, assures you of compliance with mandated edits.

To the customer, this means a hybrid machine – a human touch for every touch (as if two pairs of eyes are looking at every chart) and a streamlined, single-sweep ‘dictate-to-transmit’ experience, consistent quality, compliance, competitive pricing and a uniform application of rules.