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QuintAna has taken over our billing and AR functions, and everything in between. QuintAna is our RPA automation tool that includes a series of custom built BOTs to revolutionize RCM. It takes up the repetitive processes from humans, improving speed, accuracy, and precision.

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How does QuintAna work?

Our BOTs for RCM are designed to be integrated into your existing billing system without the need for exhaustive changes or revamps. We write BOTs to work on your system, using the meticulous step-by-step know-how of the process.

The BOTs are trained much like how staff are trained, with all possible scenarios, exceptions and decision making. As a result, this RPA Automation tool work as the best biller in your team, with speed and accuracy, minus the fatigue and breaks.

Our BOTs for RCM are currently used in the following processes:

  • Eligibility verification
  • Charge capture
  • Claim status
  • EOB downloads
  • Appeals
  • Medical Record mapping
  • Compliance tracking
  • Reporting

Why QuintAna?


As a medical billing company, accuracy, speed and exception handling are core to the success of your business. QuintAna does just that and also helps streamline and automate the billing processes, ensuring there are minimal delays in getting your bills settled. This improves cash flow and helps handle typical staffing challenges.


‘Change is constant’. This is probably a phrase that perfectly suits the RCM industry. Processes change and client requirements vary, while legalities keep fluctuating frequently and with no forewarning. That’s why our RPA automation tool is designed to be easily tweaked or modified without a lot of maintenance time or effort.


Tired of tools and installations that require you to make extensive changes to the existing process? We get you. That’s why QuintAna is designed with pre-programmed configurations. All you need to focus on is getting need-based customizations done and you are set! The deployment time is minimal and by the end of the transition phase, we will ensure our BOTs for RCM are in place, ready to take over your billing system.

3rd Party BOTs

QuintAna is designed to be implemented across various PMS. However in the case of certain PMS we observe technical road blocks in deploying QuintAna. In such situations we have deployed 3rd party BOTs that have the requisite features to work through the access challenges. We have working partnerships with other tech firms that are automation leaders in the industry. These partnerships helps us break such barriers and create BOT-solutions with the same capabilities of QuintAna that can be integrated across specialties, scopes and PMS, without loss of accuracy or efficiency.

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