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General Surgery

The work of a general surgeon is intensive. General surgeons may be required to operate on any of the nine basic surgery areas and need to be prepared and on their feet all the time. The backend team of a practice needs to be prepared to handle General surgery billing and coding service challenges equally. Since a general surgeon performs a wide range of surgeries, the billers and coders need to be vigilant and ensure the practice neither over-bills nor under-bills the payer.

Just like how technology has affected most of the healthcare segment, it has made its mark in general surgery too. Surgeons can use various tools and techniques to diagnose and treat patients; all these need to be captured right when billing the payer.

A general surgeon usually works with a large team, and each expert’s effort must be documented and claimed for. The billers and coders need to understand the procedures right and know global packages, the right modifiers for same-day and multiple-day procedures, and the role of different surgeons and technicians performing tests, examinations, and treatments.

Handling medical billing and coding for such a busy and comprehensive field is not easy. If you are a general surgeon, then you need to start analyzing if your practice is making the money that it deserves. Quintessence comes with hands-on experience in handling general surgery medical billing and coding services for your practice.

Thanks to our expert solutions and services, our clients have managed to improve revenues, bring down denials rates, and reduce the AR cycle.

We handle end-to-end General Surgery billing and coding services and tweak existing processes to ensure RCM happens like clockwork. Our focus when it comes to general surgery is to capture the entirety of the treatment offered and generate codes that are precise.

Quintessence’s AI-based tools remain our strengths. Reimburssence, our reimbursement tool, and Codessence, our coding tool, help the AR team quickly push claims towards closure. These tools are designed to learn from past data and are agile performers that support our billers and coders like a pro.

Quintessence helps take over your General Surgery Billing and Coding Services for the below sub-segments.

Trauma surgeries

Laparoscopic surgeries

Breast surgeries

Vascular surgeries

Endocrinal surgeries

Colorectal surgeries

Dermatological surgeries

Why Quintessence?


Quintessence is not merely a third-party General Surgery billing and coding services company. It is your strategic partner that helps in the overall growth of your practice.


Quintessence offers cutting-edge technological expertise to our clients. We bring in automation and Artificial Intelligence in place of manual processes and inefficiencies.


We are an ROI-centric company. We don’t like surprises and only make SLAs that we can follow from day one.


Even if you have an existing RCM process flow, it would be easy to implement our tools into the existing system.


Quintessence will help you bring down the denials rate, tighten the AR cycle, get the optimal payment for every bill submitted, and reduce overall costs.