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The dermatology practice has become more complex with time. Dermatology is such an expansive field right now and involves plenty of diagnostics, treatments, surgical procedures, and after-care processes. Right now, dermatological processes also include various cosmetic procedures, which may have different coverage with different payers.

All these make dermatology billing and coding service very complicated. Unless your team captures the right essence of the treatment and justifies its need using the right codes, it is going to become very easy for payers to deny claims.

Apart from this, the industry’s general reimbursement policies and ICD codes keep changing. It means that unless the dermatology billing and coding service providers know the latest changes, they may not be efficiently creating claims and sending them across.

Dermatologists spend immense money on clinic setup and getting access to the right tools and technology. It is only fair that they get reimbursed fairly for their efforts. Quintessence helps achieve this from day one.

There are so many codes and modifiers that need to be used precisely for dermatology practices, and Quintessence’s dermatology billing and coding services has done this successfully for clients in the past. We know that your revenues get hit when we miss out on adding a possible modifier or using a different level of complication for a procedure. That’s why we back our human experience with technology. Quintessence has invested time, money, and energy into designing AI tools that take up most of your RCM processes and get them done more efficiently and with ease.

Our ML-based coding tool would feel like there are two pairs of eyes checking your codes every single second. This tool also learns from millions of past codes and, over time, can customize coding solutions for your practice and improve the coding accuracy at unthinkable rates.

Quintessence provides expert dermatology billing and coding services for the below sub-segments of dermatology.

Laser therapy

Medical Dermatology

Cosmetic procedures

Pediatric Dermatology

Geriatric dermatology


Phototherapy and photopheresis

Why Quintessence?


Quintessence comes with more than 100+ years of combined industry experience and will act as your perfect business partner instead of being just a third-party solutions provider.


Our solutions and services are created to match top industry regulations and specific auditing needs.


Quintessence will adhere to SLAs from day one, and you will immediately start seeing improvements in vital factors.


We are a SOC II Type II and HIPAA compliant company that protects your data extensively. As a company, we consider PHI very seriously.


Our tools are designed to allow an unhindered flow of information throughout your RCM cycle. We have revolutionized billing and coding automation with our AI tools.