20 May 2022

Orthopedics Medical Billing and Coding – The Quintessence Advantage

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that regularly sees a constant stream of patients and is ever busy. Running an orthopedic practice means that you should have the right balance of managing the business and working on your clinical expertise to actually succeed. Many orthopedic practitioners focus extensively on their clinical processes and not so much on the business, constantly struggling to break even or succeed financially. Orthopedic medical billing and coding is a service that helps regulate the business part of an orthopedic practice, clinic, or department, supporting the practice to improve its revenues and grow as a brand.

9 May 2022

Step-by-Step Guidelines in Coding a Radiology Report

The biggest challenge in the process of medical billing and coding is maintaining high coding accuracy. We can achieve this simply by understanding the basics of Medical coding. This blog will guide you towards successfully understanding medical coding for radiology. Freshers and beginners take note!

29 April 2022

Tackling denials in Medical Billing and Coding for Pathology

The challenge faced by pathologists in their quest to maximize collections is crossing the biggest hurdle of claim denials. According to CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), over 30% of medical claims that are submitted are either denied, lost, or ignored. No practice or company can actually afford to lose such a whooping percentage of revenue.