8 April 2022

Complexities of Emergency Room Billing and Coding

An emergency room or emergency department (ED) is one of the most critical facilities in any healthcare unit. An ED handles an unprecedented number of patients a day, all of them coming in without prior appointments and with varied illnesses, injuries, and other critical medical conditions. Emergency room medical billing and coding processes are unique because of the lack of a routine that other departments have. Here are typical issues that arise with ED billing.

5 April 2022

Radiology Billing – Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It

Most radiologists enjoy their jobs. However, they dread and try to avoid the back-end tasks that they consider very cumbersome – the billing and reimbursements. Some radiologists and healthcare providers try and handle medical billing and coding, and reimbursements all by themselves. In such cases, they will need to spend considerable money and effort in training employees, keeping track of compliance changes, and competing with similar hospitals and clinics.

25 March 2022

What makes Medical Billing and Coding services for Behavioral Health different?

Behavioral health refers to how a person’s daily cognitive habits affect that person’s behavior. Behavioral health providers guide patients in keeping up with their emotional, social, and psychological health. Often, the term Behavioral health is interchangeably used with the term Mental health. It is important to know that behavioral health is a bigger blanket that consists of Mental health as well.