11 January 2022

Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Provider 2021

We are proud to announce that Quintessence has featured among the Top 10 revenue cycle management solution provider 2021 by Healthcare Tech Outlook, a leading print and digital magazine in the US and Asia pacific. We take this recognition as a reward for the efforts and support from our Quintessencians. Read on to find out more about the exclusivity of the services and solutions offered by Quintessence directly from our CEO…

The Inevitable AI in Revenue Cycle management
7 January 2022

The Inevitable AI in Revenue Cycle Management

In 1956, two Scientist’s thirst for knowledge brought in a revolutionary finding that has changed the course of every industry, and still continues to do so. American scientists John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky gave the world an unimaginable perspective that has now become part of our everyday routine. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is now at the forefront, wherein humans are trying to make machines a perfect version of themselves.

27 December 2021

Medical Billing - Is In-house or Outsourced better?

From the time a patient submits insurance details in a hospital to the time the insurance company actually settles the bills, the number of processes and technicalities involved are astoundingly complicated. Apart from providing quality healthcare services to patients, healthcare organizations have to take up the backend task of getting bills settled as well, which can get overwhelming with time.