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Our Accounts Receivables services is on a partial scope or as part of the full cycle process. Analyzing the account for unpaid, low-, paid, slow-paid, and following up with insurances for payments are also our responsibilities. We also liaise with attorneys, DME providers, and other such ancillary service providers to resolve payments.

Unlike most service providers, we are incentivized by collections. We are not just interested in “working” the AR, we endeavor to move the claim to payments with our every touch. Most of your past experiences may have involved a poor ROI on follow-up dollars spent. Quintessence’s Accounts Receivables services will definitely be a positive change.

This is why when others still measure aging and age (important nevertheless), we are chasing touches to pay, dollars per touch, and wasteful touches that are real indicators of the efficiency of the AR work.
Most of the revenue is actually stuck in this stage. With the never-ending follow-ups and the long hold of IVR calls providers often do not realize the revenue leakages happening here. The best of resources are needed to get the maximum collections. Quintessence’s AR workflow automation platform Reimburssence – is a supporting assist technology that helps follow-up staff gather the right information during calls and appropriate proven actions to maximize work.

Our Accounts Receivables services includes incisive allocation algorithms, prioritization, deep analysis of your AR, payer behavior, and domain expertise allow effective intervention at the optimal time for maximum benefits.

Our process extracts “outcome intelligence” from the claims worked to feed best-in-breed practices for every type of denial and payer. This is valuable in bundling and preventing truant claims and reducing future similar instances.

Our Accounts Receivables services includes:

Identify claims in AR that require follow-up with payer

Follow-up with insurance on claim status

Old AR recovery services

Reports and Insights on paid, unpaid and partial paid claims

Compile claim information to create follow-up guidelines and procedures

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