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The need for radiologists has increased in all healthcare practices, and diagnostic decisions made by radiologists have become the platform over which further treatments are planned. A radiology practice works 24X7, with most of the imaging exams ordered STAT. In a radiology practice, there is no time to sit back and worry about billing and reimbursements since clinical priorities are always at the forefront.

Radiology imaging and diagnostic services are expensive too; the cost justified by the huge investments made while buying high-end machinery and hiring top-class radiologists.

Another challenge with radiology billing services is the ever-changing industry standards and technologies. Every new change requires the biller and coder to upgrade their existing knowledge and make appropriate changes. A radiology imaging service can be opted both as a diagnosis and a treatment. CPT codes and the modifiers appended change depending on how the radiology service is used.

That is why it is absolutely important that you work with experienced radiology billing service providers who understand the industry and help convert claims to successful reimbursements effectively. Even when just a few claims are rejected every day due to billing and coding inefficiencies, this may lead to financial instabilities for the practice.

Quintessence Business Solutions and Services offers expert radiology billing services for practices of all sizes. Our RCM services offered for a single fee, help practices avoid the insecurities about paying a third-party service provider and get more confident about receiving expert help.

Quintessence offers best-in-class, expert-designed solutions that are backed by high-end technology. Our tools and software use technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate processes and help make the right decisions at the right time.

There are two broad areas of radiology services offered, and Quintessence experts understand the differences between these services and help your claims move forward towards reimbursements confidently.

Diagnostic Radiology

Computed Tomography





Magnetic Resonance Imaging

PET imaging

Nuclear Machines

Interventional Radiology


Embolization procedures

Tumor Ablation procedures

Biopsy procedures


Venous Access procedures

Why Quintessence?


For an intensely complicated department like radiology, you should hire only the best experts to handle your medical billing and coding services. Quintessence is undoubtedly, one of the best radiology billing service provider in the industry.


More than 70% of our clients work on a contingency-fee model with us, only paying for processes that would be of value to them.


Our AI-based reimbursement and coding tools are some of the best in the industry. This helps eliminate guesswork and make medical billing and coding precise and result-bound.


Our team combines some of the best talents in the radiology billing service industry, and we strongly believe in consistent honing of skills.


Quintessence is a SOC II Type II, HIPAA-compliant organization. Our data centers based out of the United States guard your information with utmost care.

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