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One of the most critical sub-segments of any surgical medical practice is anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists play an important role in offering medical treatments that keep patients pain-free during surgeries and other procedures.

The US anesthesiology service market was valued at USD 26.2 billion in 2021. It is projected to grow to USD 37.04 billion by 2025. As an anesthesiology practice, your growth rate will depend on the effectiveness of your anesthesia billing and coding services.

Anesthesia codes are always bundled with the treatment or surgery codes, as anesthesia is never an independent treatment solution. That’s why this is a more complex segment to bill and code for.

Each code will have multiple segments, depending on how many pre and post-process visits the anesthesiologist made, the extent of monitoring needed, the number of units of anesthesia administered, and more.

The documentation needed for anesthesia billing and coding services is also complex. Some of the information this has to include are:

Pre-operative review sheets

Post-operative review sheets

Number of units of anesthesia administered

Time spent monitoring patients

Other bundled services offered

Quintessence Business Solutions and Services understands how critical anesthesia billing and coding services are for any practice. That is why we have invested time and effort into understanding the practice and its legislation needs well.

Quintessence has the expertise and knowledge to handle all these sub-segments of anesthesiology.

Pain management

Critical/intensive care anesthesia services

Pediatric anesthesia

Palliative anesthesia

Cardiac anesthesia


Acute-pain anesthesia

Anesthesia modifiers are a challenge by themselves. Multiple modifiers need to be appended at the end of codes depending on the types of procedures performed. Missing out on these modifiers or appending them in the wrong place can both lead to quick denials of claims.

When claims are rejected, then the processes that follow are time-consuming and may extend the AR cycle. When claims are not paid on time, this affects the financial stability of your practice. Our anesthesia billing and coding services also works on tightening the AR cycle and ensuring your practice is paid timely. You can continue treating people and saving lives without worrying about backend bottlenecks.

Why Quintessence?


Reimburssence, our AI-based reimbursement tool, has helped our clients identify denials trends, avoid wasteful AR follow-up services, and enhance their revenue and collections.


Codessence, our ML-based coding tool, can be perfectly tweaked to your existing processes and integrated with any hospital or EMR system. Codessence improves coding efficiency by up to 50%.


All our clients use our exceptional tools and software to enhance their RCM processes every day. Many of our tools are offered free as a part of the service package.


We take Protected Health Information (PHI) very seriously. All our data centers are SOC2 Type2-compliant, and we are a HIPAA-compliant organization.