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Billing & Transmission

We understand Medical billing services and payer rules and ensure their application and compliance by using system support. Our claims entry and transmission teams take off from the coders and ensure quick turnover to transmission. In clients where we have been able to deploy automated systems and Bots, we only take a few hours post coding to generate and transmit claims.

As a leading medical billing services company, Quintessence is committed to overcoming the challenges commonly encountered in the charge entry process. We understand the criticality of accurate charge entry for successful revenue cycle management. Here’s how we address these challenges and ensure seamless and error-free charge entry.

Our first priority is to ensure that the charges entered are appropriately valued, neither undervalued nor overvalued compared to the services rendered. Our experienced billing professionals meticulously review the documentation to accurately capture all charges associated with the patient’s visit, including ancillary services and supplies. By capturing all relevant information, we maximize the reimbursement potential for your practice.

Another key aspect of our charge entry process is to ensure that no patient visits or medical procedures are missed. We leave no stone unturned in documenting each medical procedure performed, ensuring accurate and complete charge capture. This attention to detail minimizes the risk of missed charges, reducing revenue leakage and optimizing billing accuracy.

To mitigate errors in charge entry, we have robust mechanisms in place. Our dedicated team conducts thorough reviews and validations before claims are submitted. Any errors or discrepancies are identified and corrected promptly, minimizing the likelihood of claim rejections or denials due to charge entry errors. By proactively addressing charge entry accuracy, we help maximize claim acceptance rates and accelerate payment cycles.

TOP 10 Reasons to Partner with Quintessence for Your Medical Billing Services

1. Expertise in Medical Billing:

2. Accurate Charge Entry:

3. Comprehensive Documentation:

4. Error Prevention and Correction:

5. Advanced Technology and Automation:

6. HIPAA Compliance and Data Security:

7. Staggered Staff Deployment:

8. Payer Portal Expertise:

9. Transparent Reporting and Analytics:

10. Cost-Effective Outsourcing:

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