Billing & Transmission

We understand Medical billing services and payer rules and ensure their application and compliance by using system support. Our claims entry and transmission teams take off from the coders and ensure quick turnover to transmission. In clients where we have been able to deploy automated systems and Bots, we only take a few hours post coding to generate and transmit claims.

Our Medical Billing services includes overcoming the usual challenges in the Charge entry process including:

  • Ensure that the charge entered is not undervalued or overvalued vis-à-vis the services rendered.
  • All ancillary services and supplies are captured.
  • Ensuring that no patient visits are missed.
  • Ensuring that each medical procedure is documented.
  • Any errors in charge entry are caught before claims submission.
  • Evaluating denials due to charge entry errors and taking steps to improve accuracies in charge entry.

We enter charges or work on EMR interfaces to pull coded charts to generate claims. We sometimes enter charges in our internal systems and push them into the claims module of the client’s PMS.

Our medical billing services includes deployment of staff in the staggered hours to ensure we do not lose time in sending claims out. Clearing agency experts work round the clock, monitoring rejections and clearing edits, and working directly on the payer portals to ensure minimum payment lags.

The Charge entry process has been completely automated by Quintessence with no manual intervention required. More than the factor of time-saving our BOTs work in edits that will scrub the claim to capture any errors on the claim form even prior to transmission.

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