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Cardiology is one of the busiest practices in healthcare, and physicians are constantly trying to beat time to ensure they treat people in need. Cardiology is a department that is constantly evolving and advancing. This means that cardiology billing service providers must constantly upgrade their skills.

Physicians treating a patient for cardiac issues end up opting for different diagnostic routines, performing multiple procedures, and using varied tools and techniques. This means that the billing process can be quite exhaustive.

Up-coding cardiology billing services may end up leading to claim denials at the payer’s end. Similarly, down-coding may lead to the physicians not being compensated enough for their work. The right medical billing and coding team can prevent these from happening.

Quintessence’s cardiology billing services has experts with hands-on experience in the industry and are well-aware of the latest ICD codes and changes. Our team is up-to-date with the latest MACRA laws and knows the industry requirements like the back of their hands.

Our cardiology billing service expertise includes but is not limited to the below departments.

Cardiac surgery

Vascular surgery

Pediatric cardiology



Preventive cardiology

Interventional cardiology

Cardiac diagnostics

Why Quintessence?


Quintessence is completely backed by technological innovation. We use the latest Artificial Intelligence tools that learn with time and offer the best possible choices to our billers and coders.


Quintessence offers our clients various free tools and solutions that help improve their RCM processes and make cardiology billing services more efficient. In fact, 100% of our clients use one or more of our tools to improve their business solutions.


Our team is supported by more than 100 years of combined industry experience.


QBSS is a SOC II Type II, HIPAA-compliant organization. This means that your data is 100% protected.


QBSS codes 15 million charts per annum. We are conveniently located across three cities to ensure 24X7 support to our clients.

“As a cardiology physician, your time is not yours. Doctors go through unimaginable levels of stress, and backend businesses like handling denials and rejections and taking care of the AR shouldn’t be their responsibility at all. Leave the backend billing and coding to Quintessence and focus on the practice. This way, we will support you end-to-end, fix problem areas, push bills to claims quickly, and work on increasing the revenue that you deserve.”