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Accounting and Business Intelligence

Our teams manage the accounts and handle a day, month, and year-end processes. We also do reconciliations and provide monthly report packages for use by client management and operational teams.

We have a large team of data scientists and business analysts providing Healthcare accounting and business intelligence services, who are looking for nuances and insights from daily operational data. This then aids data-based decision-making and active intervention.

Full Cycle RCM services in the truest sense
We handle the entire revenue cycle for our customers. That means taking full responsibility for the full payment of the claims in a compliant manner. We focus on what we collect and how fast we collect. Our training, processes, systems, leadership and technology are focused and aligned towards reimbursement and not just transactional completeness and accuracy. Our technology and systems are designed to strengthen these “process tasks” with a focus on outcomes.

That is reflected in the engagement model which incentivizes Quintessence for reimbursements and not just for completing tasks. Nearly 70% of our business is on a contingency fee model and that is a testimony to the trust we place on our operational and domain ability to focus on client expectations.

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