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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one healthcare segment that has recently gained immense attention. Physical therapists work in different settings – within a hospital establishment, private clinics, schools, colleges, or nursing homes.

Unlike other healthcare practices, physical therapy requires long-term treatment, and the trainers sometimes work with clients for years together. A physical therapy practice treats everyone from newborns to bedridden elderly, which is why physical therapy billing services is quite challenging.

Many medical bills are denied by the payer in the first encounter. The most common reason for denial is the payer not agreeing that the service was a medical necessity. Unless your physical therapy billing services understands how this industry functions and can foretell the denial reasons in advance, they cannot affect the revenue figures.

Imagine working tens of hundreds of hours every month as a physical trainer and not getting paid right for the effort! From getting the initial documentation right to attaching the right modifiers to codes and sending the bills on time, many backend processes determine your practice’s overall success rate.

Here is where Quintessence can help. Our expert billers and coders have working experience in the physical therapy industry, and we know the nuances of moving bills from encounters to claims very quickly. Our expansive knowledge of working with different payers means that we always make smart decisions that benefit our clients.

As your physical therapy billing services provider, we know that your financial health directly depends on the number of successful bills that are generated and paid for. That’s why we use a mix of technological expertise and human intelligence to handle your account. Our machine learning tools are designed to adapt to your needs and requirements. Codessence, our ML-based coding tool, will ensure the codes generated perfectly match the services and the right modifiers are appended at the right places.

Quintessence offers expertise in handling all the below sub-segments of physical therapy.

Geriatric PT

Orthopedic PT

Pediatric PT

Neurological PT

Vestibular PT

Sports PT

Why Quintessence?


Our processes are outcome-driven. The changes start showing results from day one.


As a client, you will not be asked to pay for services that did not yield results. Our contingency-fee model is something our clients love about us.


We are a HIPAA and SOC II Type II compliant organization.


Quintessence does not stop with physical therapy billing services tasks. We believe in meaningful engagements and holistic service. Our services and solutions would help save money, improve revenue, expand the business, take up future challenges, and better performance with time.