How is this Qbss Logo different?

Quintessence has distinct and compelling capabilities that translate into competitive advantages for you.

Our perspective tops it all. We may be two distinct entities but are united by a mutual goal – client satisfaction.

We also assist customers in new practice implementation, building interfaces, and partnering in solution building. These value-added services reduce the strain of growth.

Our investments in RCM tools that work with and enhance your existing PMS and EMR asset portfolios, boost your RCM offerings.

Our technology leadership status attained using the latest techniques in ML, robotic process automation and AI, provide our customers with service level quality and price points that challenge boundaries. In short, we’ve got you covered at every step of your growth.

Nirmal Rajachandran


Here’s how we do it

As an ROI-centric company, we approach RCM through different paradigms. Your business goals design the solution, while our technology powers it.

RCM for Medical Billing in India

Specialties and PMS experience

The deep domain experience and sheer number of man years in the business, enable us say ‘yes’ to the most common question – do you have experience in ‘our’ specialty.

Revenur Cycle Management Healthcare

Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing India

What you can expect

  • Reliability and consistency in process delivery; curbing volatility in performance, productivity and quality
  • 25 – 50% cut in cost of business, with implementation of ML solutions
  • Greater transparency and visibility to processes and exceptions
  • Easy integration with your existing IT investment
Revenue Cycle Management Services in India

What our clients experience

Our client-partners experience a value-driven engagement at three levels:

  • Cost-cutting: resulting from an offshore delivery model
  • Cost-saving: driven by process and workflow optimization
  • Revenue-enhancement: powered by Quintessence’s tools

A couple of our largest client partners have experienced enhanced competitiveness year-on-year, as a result of the value generated by Quintessence.

I really appreciate your team’s efforts.  I have to say Quintessence is the best and most efficient outsourced company I have had the pleasure to work with along my career.  I have worked with 9 different companies! My hope is to transition more work to Quintessence this year.

Executive Director

Nevada based hospital specialties billing company

It matters who you partner

Quintessence offers you all the advantages of the partner you have always been looking for. Contact us