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Ophthalmologists and optometrists are medical practitioners who manage diseases, disorders, and other conditions of the eye. Starting from generic consultations to complex eye surgeries, there are so many services offered by ophthalmologists and optometrists on an everyday basis.

Ophthalmology billing and coding involves being precise and thoughtful while creating claims and writing codes. Multiple combined services could be offered to a patient who visits an ophthalmology practice, and all these services need to be captured right for claims to be inclusive.

Documentation is something that billers find challenging in a busy practice. When multiple clients walk in or make appointments on a single day, processes like pre-authorization checks and eligibility verifications become challenging. When these are not done right, the practice suffers when reimbursements are requested.

Coding is one of the most challenging parts of medical billing. There are multiple groups of codes available for different services offered, including the following.

Generic procedures

New patient services and procedures

Existing patient services and procedures

Ophthalmoscopy procedures

Specialized services and procedures

Contact lens services

Intravenous procedures

Even after a claim is prepared, the process is only half done. Your billers need to be adept in sending the claims to the payer on time, understand rejections/denials reasons, decide whether or not to re-appeal, and be in great working relationships with payers to keep the process flow going.

A third-party RCM service provider can add so much value to your backend processes without disrupting the existing processes. A brand like Quintessence can improve your revenues and bring down business costs with a few smart changes to the revenue cycle and by deploying smart tools.

The below are sub-specialties of ophthalmology, and Quintessence is equipped to handle RCM services for all of these.

Pediatric ophthalmology



Ocular oncology

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Why Quintessence?


Our flexible pricing models, including a contingency-based fee option, help practices of different sizes and positions get the expert RCM services that they deserve.


Our technology team is our strength. With subject matter experts across different areas, our tools and software are exceptionally effective and can be custom-built to exactly match your needs.


We are a SOC Type II and HIPAA-compliant organization and take data security seriously.


Our billers and coders undergo extensive training before they work for our clients and we have mandatory training and learning sessions throughout the year to help them stay on track and upgrade their skills.


When you decide to work with Quintessence, we get to work with a partner who is genuinely interested in building your practice and doesn’t just worry about payments and fees.