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We develop, customize, and deploy smart technologies that wrap around your practice management systems and EMR. These are simple, effective, and inexpensive, providing you with levers for maintaining control, reducing costs, and assuring outcomes. We believe every type of Revenue Cycle technology should be targeted towards eliminating inefficiencies and easing the core RCM process, that’s why the idea and the building of each of our technologies, were born as solutions for different kinds of RCM problems faced by our clients.

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All our Revenue Cycle technologies are designed to provide immediate benefits, without a commitment to large payouts of precious dollars. We customize and deploy transactional support, productivity enhancement and business intelligence layers, to suit your specific requirements.

Our smart solutions combined with the basic outsourced billing processes, aim at delivering the reimbursements that are due. Proven processes are focused on converting this approach to measurable outcomes.

An equivalent solution from elsewhere can set you back by months, thousands of dollars and tie you down with commitments. With Quintessence, our Revenue Cycle technology tools are usually part of the service fee. In custom cases we even offer flexible and affordable pricing.

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“As a stakeholder, you want technology to be affordable and less complex, allowing it to be managed and exploited effortlessly. Our team’s know-how and business consultancy skills coupled with the latest technology tools and program implementations, help deploy solutions that assure attractive ROI.”


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