Quintessence’s grand opening of its new office in Coimbatore!

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (September 10th, 2022) – Quintessence, a leader in US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, (www.qbsshealth.com) inaugurated its new office in Tidel Park, Coimbatore on 9th September 2022, as part of its business expansion.

Quintessence, in its 11th year of operation, works for US Healthcare entities and is growing its Coimbatore operations to strengthen its services, technology, and offerings in healthcare analytics. Quintessence develops proprietary technology and automation products powering its customer’s businesses and is looking to hire talent around the Western Tamilnadu region for its growth. The company recently expanded its Chennai operations and with the new addition Quintessence will become a 1600+ strong team. It also has offices in Dallas, Texas, and has a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States.

The brand new 11507 sq.ft city office at Tidel Park will be operational immediately and has already begun staffing to address upcoming new business opportunities. It will hire more than 200 employees within the next 2 months to fill positions in software development, automation, testing, data analytics, AR follow-up, coding, and claims data processing. With a 500+ team in our two Coimbatore offices at present, we are looking to cross the 1000 mark in Coimbatore alone, in the next 6 months.

Quintessence looks to largely hire fresh graduates to fill positions to meet the growing demand for its cutting-edge solutions. The company is known for its all-around training and grooming, and its staff are always regarded as the best when it comes to knowledge of the business.

“Quintessence offers an attractive compensation package that includes many useful benefits. It provides a great opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun at work, a professional work environment, friendly colleagues, and guides to build a long fulfilling career.” Says Nirmal, CEO & Co-founder of Quintessence.

The company promotes inclusivity and at present 60% of the workforce are women, and it aspires to create an even ratio in senior positions also in the next 12 months.

Quintessencians will vouch for how rapid learning and growth is in the company. It creates the chances and trains the employees to make full of it for the quick ascent to higher value-added roles borne out by the fact that 65% of the senior positions have been filled by promotions from within the company.

Quintessence is the only RCM company in India to have developed its proprietary Machine Learning platform ‘Codessence’ for Medical coding and already handles more than 2 million medical records per month on its platform. It also uses the cutting-edge AR follow-up platform ‘Reimburssence’ for managing complex AR claims. Quintessence has developed and unleashed its ‘Quintana’ series of BOTs that automate many of its customer’s businesses.

Our focus is on creating easy-to-deploy, intuitive, and competitive technology-based solutions using Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, and BOTS to manage the physician revenue cycle which is a growing and demanding industry full of challenges and opportunities,

The leadership of Quintessence has been in the RCM business since 2000 and are well regarded in the industry for the acumen, professionalism, and expertise they bring to the industry

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  • Know about our AI-enabled Machine learning platform Codessence that can whiff away coding inaccuracies and get you the best of speed with security.

  • Resolve your receivable’s mystery with Reimburssence, our AR and denial management platform which can prioritize and allocate claims based on their age bucket for prompt follow-up. It also measures the success rate of users based on claim touches that can help identify productivity.

  • Explore the world of Automation with QuintAna our series of BOTs that has made the process of Eligibility verification, Claim status check, reconciliation, and appeals submission faster and easier at just a click of a button.


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