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Patient Data Management Services

Sometimes getting the basics right can make a huge difference to the profitability of your medical practice! In revenue cycle management, those basics start with efficient patient data management services.

We enter or validate patient demography data, coverage and patient responsibility data. We have the skills to import such patient data from hospitals and other systems into third party systems, proprietary systems, or our native systems for active intervention.

We build or deploy existing tools, edits and audits that will ensure a 100% accuracy target for claims prior to filing, as shown by our industry-leading first pass ratio of 91%.

Capturing accurate patient demography, coverage and benefits and payer information are the initial essential steps in effective billing. Validated benefits, coverage and comprehensive payer data, slash 28-33% of the cost of billing, which is an advantage to our clients.

3 Important Implications of Accurate Patient Data Management services

Patient demographics are at the core of electronic health records and health insurance claims. Accuracy of patient data impacts every subsequent step in revenue cycle management like insurance eligibility verification, prior authorization, and claims approvals.

Your entire patient communication strategy (physical statement, payment reminders via phone/ text, and electronic messages) hinges on the accuracy of contact information.

Accuracy in patient data management services is vital for evaluating existing medical conditions and rendering value-based healthcare.

Ensuring that all patient information is received via the paper-based registration process, or the patient scheduling system is updated on the medical practice’s EMR is tedious and time-consuming. Hiring additional staff is often not an option due to space constraints at the practice office. Therefore, choosing to outsource the administrative task of patient demographics updates can be financially beneficial to medical practices. With accurate patient data management services by Quintessence, you enjoy higher claim approval rates.

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Patient Data Management Services to Quintessence

1. Expertise and Specialization:

2. Cost Savings:

3. Scalability and Flexibility:

4. Enhanced Data Security and Compliance:

5. Improved Accuracy and Quality:

6. Streamlined Workflow:

7. Access to Advanced Technology:

8. Rapid Turnaround Time:

9. Seamless Integration:

10. Focus on Patient Care: