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Reimburssence is an AR workflow tool that offers one-touch resolution for claims that need follow up. Get used to measuring good touches that ensure you stay away from inefficient AR follow up programs, that target the wrong metrics.

As an RCM business, one of your significant AR follow-up pain points would definitely be matching efforts to collections. Ineffective or inadequate follow-up of claims leads to a direct negative impact on your profit percentages. Not monitoring the follow-up process will lead to an eventual unpleasant shock at the end of the month, when you compare costs incurred against actual reimbursement

As a client, we know that you would prefer to stay away from bad touches and spend money only on those touches that result in payments or closure.

So how do you differentiate between good and bad touches without spending money following them up? Leave that to our intelligent AR workflow tool, Reimburssence

How does Reimburssence work?

Reimburssence also being Denial Management tool works by measuring the impact on collections – one of the most vital parts of AR workflow.

We start by running the AR, Denials and Payment reports into our existing billing system.

The reports that are generated are then fed into Reimburssence.

Now the intelligent system takes over the process.

The allocation algorithm part of the AR workflow tool differentiates between these claims, puts them into different categories, and allocates them to the right people.

The AR assist system helps get the right decision on these claims. It further helps identify the proper action to be taken on each of these claims, including making calls, searching for more information, or final closure thereby simplifying the AR workflow process

Why Reimburssence?

This AR workflow tool is created out of innumerable past claim actions and learnings. As a result, the decisions taken by Reimburssence are bang-on and perfect almost always.

With the system support, you can quickly move away from bad touches and invest your money and time only on those that eventually lead to closure or payments.

Reimburssence measures touches to closure and reduces expenses by continuously watching out for unproductive claims. The process happens streamlined to, and matching your robust business needs and demands, making it the all in one denial management tool you will ever need.

Reimburssence vs. Collections and Resolution

We believe that there are three powerful drivers that affect the effectiveness of collections and resolution. As an AR workflow tool Reimburssence takes care of each of these.


Reimburssence helps analyze trends regarding good and bad touches, payer denial and underpayment behavior. This helps plan your AR follow-up process more efficiently.


Based on the number of past claims analyzed and the analytics generated, Reimburssence can provide critical insights on factors like denial trends, resolution effectiveness, resubmission percentages, resolution timelines, and effectiveness of appeals.


Thanks to Reimburssence, it is now effortless to identify factors that bring down your process efficiency and profits, including multiple touches, repeat touches and claims that have crossed payer deadlines. Knowing the problem is half the battle won.