Internal Medicine

Internal medicine specialists often have long-standing relationships with patients, offering solutions for chronic and complex conditions. While other specialists see specific conditions pertaining to their expertise, an internist may be required to handle diverse conditions. Apart from family medicine, internal medicine is one specialization that uses expansive ICD codes and modifiers.

Internal medicine billing and coding are challenging for multiple reasons. With many footfalls every day, documentation needs to be quick, efficient, and thorough. An internist may deal with patients with multiple interlinked conditions at the same time, and diagnosis, screening tests, and treatments would be detailed in such cases. That means the billers will need to know how to identify patterns and create claims so that the maximum value can be reimbursed.

In the last few years, teleconsultation has become popular with internists too. As a billing and coding expert, you will need to know how to approach telemedicine and submit claims for the same. Payers change their terms and conditions regularly, meaning that a claim passed through last month could be denied because of the new changes.

Your billing and coding team needs to be adept enough to learn, unlearn, and relearn, every now and then. This happens when they are given opportunities to learn and train, which could add considerably to your expenses if you have an in-house team.

There are multiple sub-specialties of internal medicine, and Quintessence helps support billing and coding services for all the below specializations.

Infectious diseases

Respiratory medicine


Allergy and Immunology


Sleep medicine



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