Payment Posting

We not only post ERAs but also match EFTs and daily deposit logs, and post manual EOBs. All this is done while managing the documentation scanned by banks, clients, and by third-party DOX hosting applications. We index and map these documents for further referencing and use, in case of follow-ups, appeals, and secondaries.

Our Payment posting services team are our bean counters diligently accounting for every line item and every cent of low payment or questionable adjustments. A lot of posting reconciliation staff are all accountants by academic qualification with a natural flair for matching, reconciliation and bookkeeping.

Our in-house developed “Payments Control”  tool ensures that every payment, EOB, and or balance is tracked and squared off. Our automation projects and our BOTs ensure this is accomplished against daunting SLAs and within small time windows.

When done right, payment posting services will help identify revenue leakages before they impact your practice’s profitability and financial sustainability. Get it wrong, and you are faced with a severe cash flow crisis, wasted hours in claim follow-ups, irate patients, and potential complications in billing audits. With our efficient payment posting services , we help medical practices achieve a faster payment cycle and give practice owners a true insight into the practice’s financial status

Benefits of our payment posting services

All payments received from the payers and patients are posted in the practice medical billing system

We process paper checks as well as electronic remittances

Daily reconciliation of payments received and posted in the medical billing software to ensure no charge is missed or incorrectly posted

Timely redirect denied claims to secondary payers so that patients only pay for what is due from them

Payment posting is processed per your specific guidelines, including write-offs and refund rules

Regular denial analysis to identify non-payment issues and take corrective steps to reduce denials in the future.

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