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Our Team

We had a head start and an unfair advantage. By the time the Quintessence idea came about, we had amassed over 100 years of pooled experience in managing end-to-end RCM capabilities across billing systems, geographies and specialties. Not to mention working with some stellar leaders in the business.

Armed with such experienced senior leadership talent, we set about reinforcing the delivery and tech ops with enthusiastic and risk-loving go-getters. Here are the stars that are leading our customer’s businesses.

Strong Teams support Strong Delivery – more often than not, the middle management is the backbone of the service delivery. They carry the weight of operations and are the first touch-points with our customers. We realize this and are cognizant of the fact that the middle management brings specific skills to the table. A good blend of them can deliver excellent customer experiences.

We invest deeply in our middle and junior management. We have a healthy supervisor-to-agent ratio, so they are not stretched. That is a key element of focused customer service and handling.

Nearly 75% of our leadership across Operations, Quality, Customer Service and Technology have grown through the ranks, by merit and spirit. We train and nurture them to take care of their clients. And our technology does the rest.

Many of our middle and junior leaders are home grown. Some had started their careers with Quintessence and are soaked in our culture and customer-first philosophy. These potential future senior leaders place clients at the heart of every step and decision. They have consistently come across as potential leaders with vision and verve. This first line of managerial talent understands the business, technology and the detailed nature of the complexities involved.