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One pain point that all orthopedic practices face is backend billing. The practice could be doing all that it can to treat patients and create a sustainable process flow. However, if the bills are not being reimbursed correctly, then the practice will not be able to survive. Orthopedics involves diagnosis, treatment, and surgical corrections of the entire muscular system. These doctors deal with physical trauma, degenerative and spine diseases and infections, injuries, and congenital disorders every day.

Research shows that an average orthopedic practitioner works up to 70 hours a week. These practitioners already struggle with excessive workload and physician burnout that they definitely don’t have the time to handle billing and reimbursement struggles. Did you know that using the wrong codes and modifiers and not having the documentation right are two major reasons claims get rejected?

You can prevent these from happening by working with an experienced Orthopedic billing service provider like Quintessence. We partner with our clients and ensure the RCM processes are tweaked right to provide long-term results. About 70% of our clients still work on a contingency-based model with us. If you have been considering hiring a third-party billing and coding brand but are worried about the retainer costs, then our contingency-based model may be the best for you.

Quintessence’s Orthopedic billing services also includes automating monotonous and time-consuming parts of your RCM cycle. Our tools are designed to be tweaked based on your existing process flows, and if you have specific audit requirements and other in-house terms, our team seamlessly adapts to them and ensures the right changes are made.

Quintessence’s coders have extensive knowledge of ICD, CPT, and HCPCS codes, and they use modifiers strategically to ensure claims have no problems in getting reimbursed at the right time.

Our Orthopedic billing services handles your RCM needs with knowledge in all the below specialties of orthopedics.

General orthopedics

Orthopedic surgery

Pediatric orthopedics

Orthopedic oncology

Trauma surgery

Spinal surgery


Why Quintessence?


We have more than 125 person-years of experience and know the intricacies and nuances of the field of medical billing and coding. Working with Quintessence will help you engage with the best minds in the industry.


Quintessence’s reimbursement and coding tools work based on robotic automation, ML, and AI technologies. These reduce human error and delays and bring efficiency to your RCM processes.


With Quintessence’s tools and technologies, you will start seeing results quickly. Our team will work on identifying problem areas, improving vital factors, and bringing down inefficiencies from day one.


Quintessence takes data privacy and security very seriously. We are a SOC II Type II and HIPAA-compliant organization that has safe and protected data centers.


Quintessence’s Orthopedic billing services helps bring up to a 50% cut in business costs, and our tools help with revenue enhancement and consistent process delivery.

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