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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health is an integrated interdisciplinary that addresses issues arising out of behaviors affecting the well-being of the mental and physical health of a person. Behavioral health experts are a part of most healthcare practices these days. Independent behavioral health practices are springing up everywhere too. Behavioral health includes both drug-based treatments and non-invasive therapies and sessions.

As of 2022, the behavioral health market size was valued at USD 128.2 billion. The numbers are projected to grow at a rate of 3.4% in the next six years, with North America dominating the market.

A behavioral health practitioner works with multiple issues relating to the mental and physical health of a person and most often, diagnosis and treatment procedures take more time and intense effort.

That’s why they may not have the luxury of handling the backend tasks themselves. A behavioral health billing services expert can be the strategic difference a behavioral health practice needs to sustain, break even, and start focusing on revenue generation.

Since there could be multiple kinds of diagnostic procedures and treatments involved with every patient, recording them right and using the right codes and modifiers for each are intensive procedures that can be handled effectively only by the right experts.

Unclear understanding of the procedures or simple documentation errors can lead to the billers or coders sending out imperfect claims that may quickly get rejected or denied. Policy violations are another challenge for behavioral health medical billing service providers. The segment needs accordant knowledge and an unwavering focus on details.

Quintessence’s behavioral health billing services can handle all the below sub-segments of behavioral health. We understand the industry precisely and can add immense value to your existing practice.

Outpatient counseling

In-patient treatments

Home-based treatment services

Intensive and emergency management solutions

Medical supervision solutions

Rehabilitation and support group programs

Alternative treatments

Dual diagnosis

Why Quintessence?


For a complex practice like behavioral health, it is very important to understand the nuances of the segment before billing or coding. Quintessence experts come with hands-on experience that makes these processes effective.


Quintessence offers a cost-effective, cost-saving contingency-fee model that works perfectly for practices that aim at revenue enhancement. Our tools have helped clients cut back on up to 50% of business costs.


Quintessence does not stop with just behavioral health billing services. Our solutions and services help with workflow refinement and optimization of RCM processes.


Codessence, our coding tool, takes the guesswork out of coding and helps move from encounter to claim in less than 24 hours.


All our processes are HIPAA legislation-compliant. Our data centers are SOC2 Type II compliant with no external storage or sharing options. Quintessence may be your best bet if you have always worried about data security while working with third-party service providers.