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Pathology is a small yet invincible segment of healthcare that requires effective and timely billing and coding. Since pathology provides diagnostic information to other healthcare departments, pathology services may be required every time a new patient walks in, or an old patient requires a follow-up.

As a result, a pathology billing service teams may be extremely swamped with work, handling hundreds of bills a day.

Pathology is often referred to as the precursor of any medical procedure. It broadly involves blood tests, drug tests, hematology, urinalysis, and other invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tests.

Though a small segment of healthcare services, since there could be hundreds of procedures and tests performed, pathology and laboratory services include a wide range of codes and modifiers that your team needs to be familiar with.

There are usually two kinds of tests pathology departments handle – qualitative and quantitative. Billers will need to know what each test exactly entails to bill the payers right. Usually Pathology billing service providers will need to bill based on the number of tests performed and not based on the results offered. By combining tests, you could be losing precious money that the lab is eligible for.

There are multiple fields listed under pathology, and Quintessence’s Pathology billing services helps handle all these fields and their billing and coding needs.

 Disease-oriented panels

Drug assays

Clinical pathology

Molecular pathology

Surgical pathology




Anatomic pathology

In vivo lab procedures

Reproductive Medicine Procedures

Why Quintessence?


We understand how important it is for pathology practices to keep getting reimbursements. A delayed AR cycle can pull down the practice completely. So we focus on the most important factor for a pathology service – improved reimbursements.


Apart from Orthopedic billing services, our team specializes in identifying problem areas in your RCM process and correcting them. This way, we focus on re-tweaking your overall billing and coding system, bringing in holistic development.


Quintessence is a SOC II Type II and HIPAA compliant organization. We take care of your data with utmost care.


Our tools are some of the best in the industry. These will help bring in automation + intelligence wherever needed and completely revolutionize your RCM.

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