Removing the Pain from Pain Management Practice: A Story of Innovation, Speed of thought and Action

Setting the Stage: The Ambitious Expansion

In April 2023, a visionary private equity-funded national chain of pain management centers set out on an unprecedented journey. With an ambitious goal to revolutionize the industry, they planned to open between two and four centers monthly over the next year. The rapid expansion was daring, innovative, and seemingly impossible.

The Challenge: Scaling at Speed

Quintessence, a partner since the chain’s inception, was providing comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. Together, we witnessed an explosive start-six centers in just three months.  We were convinced of their ability to pull of this Houdini trick. The group had chosen “the largest PMS/EHR” as their partner for the billing and clinical systems and Quintessence for all Rev Cycle services.  But like all things in business, there had to be a curve ball.

The existing Practice Management System/Electronic Health Records (PMS/EHR) partner, despite being the largest in the industry, struggled with scalability and flexibility, becoming a bottleneck in the face of dynamic business needs.

The Turning Point: A Bold Solution

After thorough deliberation, we came up with a solution: transitioning to Practice.AI, an AI-enabled PMS with a native EHR system and a partner of Quintessence. This decision marked the beginning of a significant transformation.

The Magic Unfolds: Rapid Migration and Results

The migration was done in quick time. In just 45 days, we completed a full migration, including legacy Accounts Receivable (AR) – a potential record time. By day 51, we were already processing claims with Practice.AI The icing on the cake? We managed to do all this at only 40% of what the customer paid the previous vendor!

Seamless Integration and Continued Growth

The integration was comprehensive, covering practice and business rules, payers, clearing agency, Point of Sale (POS) devices, system integrations, and payment gateways. All these were achieved while maintaining the existing business operations without any revenue disruptions.

Now, six months into their new system, the chain not only stands on solid financial ground but is also scaling the steep growth curve with confidence. Meeting projections and poised for the next funding series at a significantly higher valuation, the group’s success story is a testament to the power of innovation and partnership.

Moving from strength to strength

Removing the Pain from Pain Management Practice: A Story of Innovation, Speed of thought and action

Conclusion: A Unique Growth Story

Quintessence is proud to be part of this unique growth story, showcasing how bold decisions, powered by technology and partnership, can redefine an industry’s landscape. This journey from rapid expansion to overcoming technological hurdles embodies the spirit of innovation, setting a new standard for pain management chains nationwide.


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