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Healing the Healers: Quintessence Revitalized a Minnesota FQHC’s Bottom Line


A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Minnesota has been a cornerstone in providing healthcare services to underserved communities for over two decades. However, the center has faced mounting challenges in revenue cycle management, compliance, and financial sustainability in recent years. This case study delves into the problems the FQHC encountered and how Quintessence provided tailored solutions that resolved these issues and set the center on a path to financial stability.


  1. Complex Billing Requirements: The center struggled with the unique billing and coding requirements specific to FQHCs, including encounter-based billing and sliding fee schedules.
  2. Medicare Bad Debt Reporting: The center had difficulty in accurately reporting Medicare bad debt in compliance with CMS guidelines, leading to potential financial losses.
  3. Inefficient Financial Record-Keeping: There was a lack of a robust system to track payments, adjustments, and allowances for doubtful accounts, making reconciliation a nightmare.
  4. Compliance Issues: The center was not up-to-date with the latest CMS guidelines, risking non-compliance and potential penalties.

Plan & Strategy

Quintessence proposed a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Expert Consultation: Deploy a Subject Matter Expert (SME) specializing in FQHCs to train the center’s team.
  2. Implement Payments Control System: Introduce Quintessence’s advanced Payments Control System to streamline financial record-keeping.
  3. Compliance Audit: Conduct a comprehensive audit to identify gaps in compliance and propose corrective measures.
  4. Ongoing Support: Provide continuous monitoring and updates to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.


  1. Training: Quintessence’s SME conducted a series of training sessions to bring the center’s team up to speed on FQHC-specific billing and coding.
  2. System Deployment: The Payments Control System was implemented, and staff were trained on its use.
  3. Audit and Corrections: A compliance audit was carried out, and corrective actions were implemented.
  4. Monitoring: Quintessence provided ongoing support, including regular updates on CMS guidelines and periodic reviews.


  1. Revenue Increase: Within six months, the FQHC saw a 20% increase in revenue collections.
  2. Compliance: Zero non-compliance issues were reported in the subsequent CMS audits.
  3. Efficiency: The time spent on financial reconciliation was reduced by 50%, thanks to the Payments Control System.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: The center reported a significant increase in patient satisfaction, as billing errors were drastically reduced.


Quintessence’s tailored solutions addressed the FQHC’s unique challenges, transforming its financial health and operational efficiency. The center is now well-positioned to continue its mission of providing quality healthcare to underserved communities but with greater financial sustainability and compliance assurance.


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