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Masters in Radiology Coding

High volume, low dollar value charges, electronic inputs, hospital interface and near standardized chart formats. Radiology is every automation expert’s dream.

Problem Definition

When our customers reworked their business plans for accelerating growth, we presented the solution and volunteered to a steep price break for new business that will use the platform.

Solution Partnership

Starting in 2013 with a basic CAC engine, we invested more than five years in building Codessence, a ML engine that today manages 1.25 million charts per month.

Codessence controlled a lot of denials in the front end, boosted coder productivity, assured consistent quality and cut turnaround times to around 18 hours.


With that unfair advantage our customers have gone on to acquire new wins faster than ever before. And the average size of the new business was also up 23%. Despite a lower fee, we both experienced revenue and margin growth.

Talk to us to know how we can strap some boosters to your radiology business.


Over the last 10 years of Quintessence (and 20 years in the business) we have delivered services to customers whose requirements covers the full spectrum of business strategies.

We work with customers on Full service on a % of collections model; to others, with discrete processes on a per unit fee. We also helped customers in their strategic pursuit of setting up offshore delivery centers, create and enhance delivery capabilities, and helped soft launch their offshore operations. It all has added to our experience, proficiency in the business and a certain versatility to tackle curve balls.

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