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Usually a customer who’s been on board for less than 12 months, doesn’t figure in a customer story or significant customer experience. However, the situation and the solution weren’t the usual.

Problem Definition

After a long sales cycle, we closed an AR follow up deal with a billing company in upstate New York. They have had wide ranging offshore experiences over their existence of 24+ years – large vendors, relationship vendors, small companies, successful ventures, and not-so-great experiences.

To even grab their attention our proposal and approach had to be innovative. With only a single scope in play (AR Follow up) and limited responsibility for the AR, we did not have the canvas to impress.

Solution Partnership

Nonetheless we did an analysis of the past 12 months and worked claims and outcomes (which their PMS was able to provide in a jiffy) to propose a graded touch based pricing (ask us in private about how it can work for you and change the way you outsource AR). We hit it off with this unusual approach. The key here was the client’s PMS being able to provide us the reports needed to track and measure.

After about 6 months into the process and showing value in the relationship we were preparing for some growth. Nothing of that was of use when we realized what came next.


The client had used the same model in his marketing efforts and ended up signing up all his prospects within a short span. The mutual trust and respect built in such a short time is a testament to the model and integrity of the solution.

Status: All prospects are on various stages of onboarding.

Over the last 10 years of Quintessence (and 20 years in the business) we have delivered services to customers whose requirements covers the full spectrum of business strategies.

We work with customers on Full service on a % of collections model; to others, with discrete processes on a per unit fee. We also helped customers in their strategic pursuit of setting up offshore delivery centers, create and enhance delivery capabilities, and helped soft launch their offshore operations. It all has added to our experience, proficiency in the business and a certain versatility to tackle curve balls.

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