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Codessence takes medical coding into the digital realm by offering consistency, accuracy, speed and scale, all with a compelling cost proposition. Codessence is the ONLY Computer Assisted Coding Software that uses a 100% coder touch in addition to Machine Learning technology. This hybrid approach delivers better outcomes than manual coding and other CAC solutions on all counts.

The efficiency of the engine and of our coders is such, that our hybrid solution is still more cost effective than other CAC and manual operations.

Codessence minimizes the manual effort of coding and improves the speed and productivity of coders. Our exceptional Machine Learning technology based platform does all this and more.

Built for businesses that handle large coding operations and bill volumes, Codessence offers an elegant workflow, tight integration with hospital and practice management systems.

Being a Computer Assisted Coding software, codessence eliminates the guesswork out of manual coding and powers one-touch billing. In addition, our constantly learning Machine Learning engine, scores when it comes to these factors:











Contemplate Medical Coding with Codessence

A creation by the finest coding minds of the industry, to deliver high-quality and economical medical coding services.

How does Codessence work?

Codessence is fed with millions of coded charts and the tool starts learning and interpreting this data. It keeps updating its intelligence with these inputs:

  • Rule Engine Creation
  • Coding Edits Feeds
  • Dynamic Guidelines

As our tool keeps working on client data, it keeps getting more precise, dependable and trustworthy. Since Codessence learns from our experienced coders, you are benefited from both human intelligence and machine-based accuracy, a combination that will not fail!

Why Codessence?

It is quite a common fact that speed and accuracy are the key takeaways from using a Computer assisted coding software like Codessence. We would now like to give six more reasons why you should choose Quintessence’s Codessence to be part of your Revenue Cycle management process.


Output edits

Machine Learning intelligence

Consistency and trust


Customized solutions