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The Interoperability between you and your business process partner

The world is currently amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, as techies call it. Every industry from agriculture to education is undergoing transformation, and the healthcare industry is no exception. With all this rapid transformation, the implication of partnering a company to support your processes has become more inevitable.

Usually, a partnership with your vendor is assumed to just be restricted to the efficiency and effectiveness of the services sub contracted. What many fail to understand is that in reality, your partner is not just your cost-saving strategy, but is one of the benefactors directly responsible for your business growth.

We are familiar with the interoperability between the health information systems. A successful strategic working model of your interoperability with your partner will help gain a competitive edge in the long run. To make it simple, your partner’s goal is not just to focus on AR and maximize your dollar collections, but also to regularly keep a check on factors that would help in improving your business IQ. So how does your partner help in doing this? For example, we know that the medical billing industry is subject to continuous changes, understanding the never-ending updates, constantly changing guidelines and most importantly, ensuring the same is implemented or adjusted in your PMS. This is a very serious responsibility, often overlooked for its significance. There is a constant need for your partner to ensure that they keep you updated with the dynamism of the industry.

With Quintessence as your outcomeshoring partner, you eliminate worry from your revenue cycle management. We believe our advantage to you is not just limited to the scope of business that we handle. Be it an end-to-end partnership or a single scope service, our effort doesn’t end with just the fulfillment of the SLAs. We are about going over and above the necessity of the partnership, and believe this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Be it helping create a good reporting mechanism for you to monitor performance and give access to reports like real time financial aging summary, or the ability to view pending patient responsibility etc., helping you create a business plan for your prospective providers or simply providing an in-depth analysis of data for scopes of RCM that are outside our SLAs, Quintessence has your back. We simply follow the principle of accepting your business prosperity as ours, and thereby not just being your subcontractor, but a business partner in essence.

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