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Nirmal Kumar Rajachandran

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Nirmal envisions altering the way the RCM industry functions today. The change from customary process to a fully infused Tech integrity is what he foresees for this Industry

By being in the Medical Billing Business since 2000, in various roles, Nirmal channelizes his passion for designing solutions around every customer business need, by front-ending teams involved in crafting high-performance engagements for complex business scenarios, with a long-term view. His storehouse of experience has contributed to numerous solution designs and implementation projects, undertaken for multi-software, multi-specialty environments. The knowledge transfer processes set by him are still a template for industry-best practices and are adopted by many of our competitors.

Prior to Medical Billing, Nirmal worked in technology companies as a consultant, software product implementation, systems integration and managing large client relationships.

Nirmal also has experience in investment banking, equity research, Mergers and Acquisitions, primary and secondary market operations

Nirmal has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and Masters in Business Administration from Anna University, Chennai. He is also a certified Oracle Financial Consultant from Oracle Corporation.

Keenly interested in football, aquariums and gardening. He spends much of his spare time tending to these and also doing mini trips to explore and sample rural life.

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Raghunathan Nerur

Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder

Raghu is a sought-after RCM industry veteran, with a keen eye for process vulnerability and technology adoption. Over his 35-year career, Raghu has created, mentored and managed world-class delivery teams, that consistently stand out for customer service, productivity and quality. Raghu’s forte has been managing complex and large engagements across locations. As an SAP professional, he has overseen the implementation of a billion-dollar enterprise, during which his expertise in the finer nuances of process management was honed.

At Quintessence, Raghu guides the operations and business-enabling functions and oversees service delivery, quality, and actualizing of client SLAs. Providing healthcare process engineering and consulting expertise for process efficiency, Raghu is the spark for many of Quintessence’s billing and coding automation endeavors. He is an ardent proponent of technology as a means to enhance RCM outcomes. He has demonstrated reduced ramp-up times and increased productivity, thereby reducing costs.

Raghu manages teams that have set new benchmarks in RCM productivity and cost control. This has transformed the organization into a seamless adjunct of the customer’s own organization and enhanced customer value.

Raghu is a B. Tech from IIT Madras and PGDBM from IIM Calcutta. As an active social worker, Raghu teaches underprivileged children in Government schools.

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Giridharan Srinivasan Tirupathi

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Giri is a person in whom creativity, accountancy, and technology coalesce. His unique understanding of the healthcare business is aptly reflected in the software products he creates. With over 20 years of experience in the US healthcare industry, Giri’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention.

At Quintessence, Giri’s creative perspective has helped create technologies for some of the most complex problems. He believes in mixing both the traditional approach and the ‘break the convention’ approach to the appropriate extent so that solution provided is optimum.

In the RCM business, Giri has built medical billing software and numerous interfaces like a claims workflow management system, deployed across multi-level relationships; a paper EOB conversion to 835 engine; and a rule builder/denial eliminator for practices and hospitals, that have transformed the outsource delivery model. He is also the brainchild of the Computer-Assisted Coding Platform “Codessence”. It was conceptualized, built, and developed by Giri and his tech team.

In the payer space, Giri has designed and built a complete claim processing platform for HMO, catering to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans.

Nowadays Giri spends most of his time in harnessing the power of ML, AI and RPA, to build a software environment aimed at billing and coding productivity enhancement, that is Practice Management System/Billing System agnostic. We trust this will set the tone for a new level of service delivery, accuracy and cost.

Giri is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI and an Oracle Financials expert from Oracle Corp. He has also finished his Cost and Works accountancy graduation from ICWAI.

Giri loves music and it is common to find him belting out his favorite tunes even when he is in the midst of discussions or while working on software solutions.

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Anitha Balasubramanian


Anitha is a medical coding veteran who has managed healthcare coding operations for over 20 years. She was amongst the first certified coders outside the United State and has experience managing very large coding teams across multiple physician specialties, inpatient coding and HCC programs. An active participant in mentoring educational forums and coding circles, Anitha is a prominent participant in AHIMA and AAPC conferences and seminars.

At Quintessence, as the Chief Coding SME, she heads the in-house Coding Audit and the Coding Training Divisions. She conceptualizes and designs our medical coding training curriculum across specialties. She works closely with her highly qualified trainers and auditors, most of whom are certified coders, to effectively impart the training curriculum to medical coders and trainees. She ensures the training modules are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes in Coding guidelines as specified by the AHA, AMA and the CMS.

Anitha has personally trained and managed over 1000 coders across specialties. She is also currently spearheading the transition of Quintessence and its customers, to a highly accurate and automated coding platform.

As a domain contributor, Anitha has created the ML-based intelligent coding system for Codessence. She works closely with our technology team and supports them by providing ideas and subject matter expertise to build and develop our proprietary coding tools and rule engines. These tools support our clients and also help our coders improve their productivity.

Her deep understanding of the coding requirements for Radiology groups has enabled her to configure the same in Codessence. Anitha’s specialties include Professional and Facility Coding – Emergency Department Coding, General Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Evaluation and Management for Pain Management, OBGYN, Pediatric, Internal Medicine to name a few, Radiology, MS-DRG (inpatient coding). Anitha is a B. Com. from Madras Univ., and a CPC from AAPC.

Anitha loves and appreciates the language of cats and dogs. She is both an ailurophile and a dog lover. She believes caring for animals transcends cultures, language, gender, and religion. If there is one thing that animals teach us it is unconditional selfless love. Soon, she hopes to dedicate her time and future to being the voice of these voiceless angels.

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Ashok Menon

Sr. Vice President Sales, Marketing, Transition and Customer Service

With over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, Ashok is an expert in handling different genres of the medical billing and coding industry. He has worked across different teams in QBSS and is well-versed in the nuances of the business, starting from pre-sales to final execution.

Ashok is someone who takes customer relationships very seriously. He enjoys a comfortable rapport with all our customers and global healthcare leaders, and his networking has helped him grow professionally as a stalwart in the industry.

Ashok comes with hands-on experience designing client interaction tools, providing business ideas for automating processes, and conceptualizing and designing interfaces with client systems. He has the Midas touch when it comes to executing intensive and complex projects. As a Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ashok has helped Quintessence transition from traditional to digital marketing with ease. He is passionate about the latest happenings in the digital marketing industry and spots the perfect strategies that work for us. His agility and vision, combined with exceptional industry knowledge, have helped Quintessence get recognized and grow as a top RCM service provider in the country.

Cricket is as close to his heart as RCM, and Ashok has always dreamt of managing a cricket team which he hopes to do in the near future. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Madras University.

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Nanda Kumar Rajendran

Sr. Vice President, Operations

Nanda is a life science specialist, and coder by training and experience. Having worked on outpatient facilities, office visits, surgery and imaging centers and labs, Nanda’s versatility in coding gives him an edge in managing end-to-end revenue cycles and outcome-driven assignments. He is a master at drilling open coding denials and possesses a deep knowledge of medicine.

Nanda has demonstrated exceptional managerial prowess at Quintessence, where he has overseen the operations of over 800 skilled Biller and Coders, spanning multiple medical specialties. Now, he has transitioned into a more dynamic role where he will leverage his vast expertise to create innovative solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology and services. As a solutions-oriented professional, Nanda is committed to delivering superior outcomes that exceed client expectations, while staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

He also provides a lot of Subject Matter expertise in supporting our development team to design and redesign the Automation platforms. Reimburssence the AR workflow engine, Cash Log, Denial Tool and Codessence are all applications created using valuable inputs from him.

Nanda is B. Sc. Microbiology, a CPC from AAPC, an ICD-10 specialist and an AHIMA-certified Trainer. He has played a key role in growing Quintessence to a 1500+ strong entity.

A lover of nature and farmer by passion, Nanda spends weekends growing paddy and sugarcane on his own farms.

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Vijaya Kumar Subburaj

Sr. Vice President Business Excellence

Over his 20-year career in the US healthcare industry, Vijay has managed operations and support services at various levels. His achievements include supporting the migration of over 30 billing clients, equivalent to approximately more than 1000 FTEs.

At Quintessence, Vijay has spearheaded several transition management initiatives onsite, for KT, SLA-setting, process improvement and technology deployment. Actively building of excellence at various levels and multiple delivery locations is his forte. He believes that, if technology is harnessed to perform the mundane everyday tasks of people, then their energy and focus can be freed towards seamlessly integrating support functions like quality, training and MIS to consistently improve scalability and operational performance. He has harnessed the power of RPA using UI-Path to bring in seamless synergy in process excellence.

Rising ground up from an AR follow-up agent, Vijay went on to lead a delivery location of 800 billing and coding staff. He has extensive experience in handling large teams dealing with multiple scopes on varying operational and pricing models and process audits. This apart, Vijay has been responsible for quality assurance, business enablement, training and MIS functions at Quintessence.

Vijay is a B. Sc. In Mathematics from Madras University and a Master of Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University. He is trained on EPIC systems from the US and is an expert on data analytics, and on diverse billing software.

Weekends find Vijay actively involved in social work. He is an avid movie buff and a keen basketball player.

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Manikandamurthy Bala

Sr. Vice President, Operations

Mani is a Veteran of the Medical billing business. With over two decades in handling the Revenue cycle process, he brings massive experience in global delivery services. Leveraging Business acumen across multiple process verticals, with an intent to reshape, revitalize, and expand business operations is his exclusivity.

At Quintessence, he handles multiple transitions with continuous liaising with clients helping them with their strategic planning and functional improvements. With his forte of always being ahead of deadlines, Mani brings in unconventional ways of problem-solving solutions and not to forget his contemporary touch to his operational management skills. His quick fix formula in AR and Denial management has helped us improve the cash flow and build a successful revenue cycle management.

He has a keen eye for deploying Tech across various RCM processes which are repetitive in nature and can be better delivered with the intervention of technology. He and his team have provided the inputs to build BOTs to manage Eligibility, Charge entry, rejections and Denial management for one of his Nationwide clients.
He Manages a team of 400+ FTEs across all scopes of RCM which also covers more than 13 Specialties. He is responsible for $500 million per annum collectibles for his clients.

Mani has completed his Post Graduation in Chemistry from The American College, Madurai. When not obsessing over RCM Mani loves to travel with full music on and explore remote scenery in southern India. He is an accomplished artist with a keen eye for water colour paintings. He is soon planning to start a gallery in the city to portray his alluring works.

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Teena Amarchand

Vice President, Operations

Teena is a seasoned professional in Revenue Cycle Management operations with close to 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Starting as an AR caller and working her way up, She has managed end-to-end RCM for many years.

With a proven track record of managing large teams of 500+ members, she comes with expertise across different specialties including Radiology, Cardiology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Ob-Gyn, and Emergency Medicine. At Quintessence Teena is responsible for managing a billion-dollar client (in Collections). She is also building strategies for people and process management and is dedicated to driving improvements in client management and efficient delivery.

In addition to her expertise in RCM Operations, Teena also has a strong background in corporate development, and healthcare technology. She has a deep understanding of ERP systems and electronic documentation and has led the implementation of many RCM automation processes to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Teena is a Literature graduate from IGNOU and is a passionate fashion designer who designs her own clothing. She is an avid gardener and loves fur babies. In her free time, she enjoys a bit of light reading.