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None of us is as smart as all of us. Our team is a group of many hands working with one mind; to achieve things we may have individually struggled with. When the power of one is combined with the power of the collective, what gets unleashed is a formidable force for change – an ode to the power of teamwork.

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Raghavan Janakiraman

General Manager, Network Support

Raghavan is a hard-nosed systems networking specialist with over 15 years of experience in core network design, system administration, security, and infrastructure management for large enterprises.

Driven by a passion for systems and the curiosity to explore the tech world, Raghavan learned the ropes ground-up in hardware and network management as a Systems Engineer. His journey into networking was further augmented by various roles as a manager, system administrator, and IT infrastructure consultant, across organizations.

At Quintessence Raghavan heads the Tech function and has been mandated with everything the position entails.
Raghavan is a BBA from Madras Univ., a CCNA Cyber Ops, an MCSA and an ITIL. Being a tech-savvy learning enthusiast, his weekends are spent engaging with learning breakthroughs, especially in the cyber tech space.

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Sekar Rangaswamy

General Manager, Software

Sekar has been actively and passionately involved in most of Quintessence’s Process and Project Management processes, and brings with him about two decades of working experience in these skills. He is a highly focused and energetic part of the team and has consistently proven his ability to positively change the client’s businesses and services.

Sekar is known internally for delivering quality results every time, with his infectious positivity and influential style. He has played vital roles in delivering a full cycle of systems implementation using agile and waterfall methodologies.

With a strong industry experience and equally effective management style, Sekar takes his role as the General Manager of Quintessence momentously and uses his strong technical, analytical and leadership skills to nudge the brand in the right direction.

Internally, Sekar oversees the delivery of vital projects, managing distributed development teams, handling multiple releases simultaneously, improving service delivery standards, and quality management.

He holds a Masters in Computer Application degree from Madras University and enjoys music and traveling.

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Assistant General Manager, Business Excellence

Neelakandan has been a part of Quintessence from day one. He has handled various responsibilities and been a part of different teams over the last decade. Neel, as he is better known internally, has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He started his career in RCM as an AR caller and worked his way up into a leadership role.

Neel has played different roles in critical departments of Quintessence including leading RCM Operations and Transition & CRM. Currently, he is the AGM of Business Excellence, heading our Business Analyst team, Implementation team and L&D segment. He has always been a champion of RCM tech and has helped Quintessence make great tech investments over time. He is one of the brains behind most of our RPAs and APIs, and understands the industry like no other.

As a business excellence expert, Neel knows what clicks and what doesn’t and has been someone all our teams look up to. His team always has broken barriers and exceeded expectations, thanks to his constant encouragement and out-of-the-box thinking.

Besides RCM, Neel is passionate about two things – traveling and food. He loves traveling and exploring various cuisines and delicacies.

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Shailaja Sundaresh

Assistant General Manager, Coding Quality and Training

Shailaja is a medical coding veteran with over 15 years of experience in medical coding.

At Quintessence as the Assistant General Manager, Shailaja heads the Coding Quality Assurance division. She is responsible for planning and executing various types of audits across all clients and specialties through her highly qualified team of auditors. An expert in Radiology and Interventional Radiology coding, she never hesitates to share her knowledge when it comes to discussing specialty specifics with our clients.

She is an expert in analyzing different documentation formats and her attention to detail enables her to identify and share documentation deficiencies with our clients in a timely manner. She works closely with her team to identify the root cause for coding errors and acts as a liaison between the Coding Operations, Audit and Training Teams, by sharing the analysis along with the performance benchmarks and scores of the coders and trainees, to ensure everybody is on the same page when it comes to guidelines and quality.

She is also well experienced in coding for Emergency Department, Evaluation and Management, Anaesthesia, Surgical Pathology, and Coding Denials. She also supports the technology team by creating coding rules in Codessence to minimize errors.

Shailaja is an MSc from Mangalore University and a CPC holder from AAPC. She feels lucky to have a caring and motivating family, compassionate friends, and wise mentors at Quintessence. She enjoys being surrounded by soothing music and dwelling in books in her leisure time

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Vimal Bhaskar

Assistant General Manager, Software

Vimal has extensive EDI and HL7 experience along with deep domain knowledge of billing, coding, and receivables management. Amongst his core capabilities is guiding teams to accomplish process automation through Artificial Intelligence. Vimal has extensively used ML, Neural networks, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation, to improve processes in coding and data entry. He has over a decade of experience in application development and software project management.

As Project Manager with Quintessence, he focuses on amalgamating project delivery teams. Attention to detail, effective implementation skills, and a passion for satisfying customer requirements, are hallmarks of his work.

A BE, ECE from Bharathidasan Univ., Vimal is a travel enthusiast, an avid movie buff, and a foodie with a leaning toward South Indian cuisine.

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Arasu Moorthy

Assistant General Manager, Operations

Arasu has over a decade of experience in the US Healthcare RCM Offshore services, specializing in reimbursements and generating revenue for practices. His RCM career began in 2007 as an Account Receivables Specialist, from where he moved on to claim closures and methods to improve collections. His expertise has helped resolve global issues across practices, netting an extra $ 225,000 in years 1 and 2.

At Quintessence, Arasu is Assistant General Manager of Operations, handling a 300+ member team across specialties like Pediatrics, Surgery, Mental & Behavioral Health, Speech Therapy, Radiology & Pathology, Orthopedics & Pain Management; cumulatively responsible for $ 30mn per month.

Arasu is a BE, ECE from Anna Univ. and is passionate about organic farming. He pursues this actively over weekends, with the support of his family. His love for traveling and exploring new places are his other interests

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Vani Saju

Assistant General Manager, Business Excellence

Vani comes with a decade and a half  of hands-on experience in healthcare operations. She started her career in Coimbatore as a Junior Executive in 2003. Since then, it has been an exciting journey of learning and unlearning.

After a brief stint in a Financial BPO, she joined the RCM industry in 2006 as a team leader. With immense challenges and learning experiences, she has moved through different projects and teams, equipping herself with varying nuances of the healthcare industry. Her next responsibility took her to the core of the operations team, where she was responsible for handling projects end-to-end, until 2010. That’s when she moved into MIS and then into the Total Quality-Business Excellence division.

At Quintessence, Vani handles our Quality assurance team, and works along with the SMEs of the organization towards assuring Quality to clients, by implementing best-in-class Audit Methodology and Processes.

Vani holds a B.Com degree from Madras University. Apart from her work, Vani thoroughly enjoys cooking and trying out different cuisines. She loves spending time at home and is blessed with a supportive family who backs her up through the troughs and peaks.

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Selva Kumar

Assistant General Manager, Coding

Selva Kumar is a passionate Physiotherapist and was practicing as a sports specialty doctor. A person who loves to challenge himself to try out new things, he found another passion in medical coding and now has over 15 years of hard-core experience in coding and operations.

He is a certified AAPC coder with an ICD 10 Proficiency. At Quintessence, he manages coding operations with high earnestness in Transition and Transactional quality management. Selva also has a six-sigma black belt certification and creates an enthusiastic environment for his teams with his wit and thoughtful implementation of new perspectives.

A father of two children and a die-hard pet-lover, Selva spends his free time with family and fostering dogs. Being a professional Cricket & Volleyball player, he is a sports aficionado and never misses an opportunity to participate and win in various inter / intra tournaments. He also offers his physiotherapy services to the needy and elderly as part of his philanthropic journey.

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