Smart & Simple Technologies

Smart technologies that are simple, effective and not expensive are great levers for controlling costs and assuring outcomes. All our technologies are designed to provide immediate benefits in terms of cost savings and improving outcomes without having to commit large amounts of precious dollars. We have options that allow you complete ownership of the business intelligence layer we build for you.


Q Code : The human assisted computer coding

This unique Coding Automation Solution that blends certified coders with smart and custom built technology

QBSS’ proprietary coding engine, custom built workflows and intuitive user interface take the

complexity and guess work out of manual coding and dramatically increases productivity

and ROI. Our unique HACC solution was designed and developed from the ground up by teams that ran large billing and coding operations for several hundreds of physicians processing millions of encounters.


The three degrees of differentiation

First Degree: The secret lies in our NLP engine. The NLP engine was built ground up painstakingly by our top coders who have amongst them coded several tens of thousands of charts. And we used real and live charts to populate the NLP in addition to SNOMED CT. For every new practice, we use their historical pre coded records to train algorithms to pick out word or patterns. The self learning and adaptive kernel of the QCODE engine fine tunes itself with every new record that is coded, increasing hit rates and obviates the need for template or dictation change.

Second Degree: Our NLP engine and the CAC platform were designed and developed by a revenue cycle management company for revenue cycle management companies. We understand the flow, process and operational nuances of a billing company. You will find the CAC tailored to meet a typical billing company’s operational environment.

Third degree: The high degree of customized development and deployment of the tool results in a very high degree of accuracy of code throughput. Nevertheless, every chart that passes through Q Code is audited by a certified coder. This is to provide the security cover of a certified coder for your comfort, confidence and compliance. Q Code transforms the laborious task of poring over encounter notes and encoders by a coder to that of audit and validation.

Our process of code capture mimics the way of experienced and expert coders, while retaining all the advantages of true automation. Needless to say, this increases quality of care and decreases costs significantly.

The platform provides intuitive user interface and highlighted text within the workflow to decipher patterns in dictation or EMR derived reports. With us, you can increase process velocity, improve accuracy and release precious coder time for analysis and care management.


Business Process Services


Dictate to transmit in a single sweep

Q Code reads physician’s reports and documents to assign the appropriate diagnoses and procedure codes. These codes along with the other data elements required for a clean claim are then passed through a scrubber before interfacing with your billing system.

The scrubber itself is highly customized at the physician, practice, procedure and payer levels. The global edits are standard in Q Code including national correct coding guidelines, local LCDs. Q Code provides CPTs, ICDs, modifiers, as well as PQRS codes.


Quantified Benefits

Business Process Services


Building business intelligence around your core systems

Your Practice Management system or claims processing platform is an excellent transaction processing platform. But capturing your unique processes and idiosyncrasies are not always possible or economical.

That is where we can help. We build your unique business intelligence around your core practice management platform. This is created as your IP and you own it. This amplifies the power of your platform manifold without compromising your core systems.

Business Process Services

Magnify the power of your core platforms



Q Flow Management – a workflow enablement tool that’s web based for easy communication and management across entities. You don’t pay for this and is part of our value add.

QFM allows you to manage outsourcing operations as well as your clients in one easy screen.

QFM, has file management features to manage allocation, tracking, reporting and action. You can have a real-time view of the status at your fingertips. Based on download volume and scope, files are routed to specific skilled resources through dynamic work allocation algorithm.

QFM also manages quality control by enabling sampling using user driven parameters and allowing the audit team or the client control the quality audit process.

Integrated with QFM is the analytical and reporting engine that aggregates data on the metrics as compared to the service level agreements. Productivity, TAT, Accuracy %, type of errors reporting is readily available.

What is more, we can create your monthly presentation deck for your reviews with your customers.

QFM reduces the time your staff will spend in managing outsourcing functions and allows you to spend more time with your customers.


Edit Bundle

Edit Bundle auto applies all known and custom built rules eliminating dependence on coders, billers and cheat sheets. It is so simple in conception and execution that we could fit its functionality in a small diagram. But the impact on our customer’s reimbursement and denial rates have been nothing less than phenomenal.


Business Process Services


Custom Programming and Software Development

Quintessence can create custom software for your every need. Our programmers understand healthcare and can quickly conceptualize your requirement and deliver a tool. We can maintain and host the application too. From an entire practice management or claims processing system to a simple hosted web application, we have the skills to create and manage.

We have expertise on EDI / HL7 standards which can be very useful in creating interfaces to various other entities that you share data with.

Quintessence custom software development offers you a way off creating the software you always wanted at very affordable price points.