This suite of tools is bundled with our services.

1. Workflow Manager

Our workflow is the central nervous system of communication with our customers, and in turn with their customers, viz. end clients. The benefits to our customers include:

  • Elimination of emails, introduction of track and trail, streamlining of work orders
  • Measuring time for issue closure
  • Saving time for the practice and our client staff, by attaching the back-up document to the work order

2. Cash Balancer

The Cash Reconciliation and Tracking system developed by Quintessence makes the month-end cash reconciliation process easy and pain free, through a unique set of functions:

  • Tracks payments received vs. payments posted vs. pending, as well as reasons for the same
  • Tracks Collection Agency payments
  • Facilitates Process Audits, by uploading reports into the tool
  • Eliminates the use of spreadsheets for tracking pendings, via the built-in query management system
  • Tracks turnaround time and provides a real-time status of the batches received

3. Denial Dash

While Reimburssence supports the tracking lifecycle of an AR claim, Denial Dash – a module within this tool, tracks a Denial Captured, and routes it to the appropriate queues for necessary action. It separates the ‘no response’ claims viz. the Denial that is already captured, whilst posting payments.

This facilitates tracking and working the denials by denial code, payor, age, etc.
Denial trends and global actions through the system help in quicker reimbursements and faster liquidation of the claims. Sharing of clarification cases and assigning work-orders with end clients, can done through the system itself.

To avoid recurrence of similar denials in future, trending Denials data is used to work backwards and fix front end issues.