Codessence is loaded with features

Codessence is a Machine Learning coding automation platform best fit for diagnostic radiology coding. It uses the strength of coders to support its code predictions. Codessence ML engines learn from the thousands of charts to come up with accurate predications. Loaded with coding rules at the radiology group and all the way down to the line item level, the coding automation platform allows coders to focus on the accuracy of the predicted codes. The coders mostly deal with exceptions and non-coded charts, while only having to audit the predicted codes.

Two for one

This increases accuracy and consistency, as there are two passes for every chart – one by the coder after the prediction by Codessence. It also increases coding speed. Our radiology customers noticed a considerable difference in reduced denials and faster claims filing.

Ticks all Boxes

Codessence is one sweep from hospital input demo / charts to transmission ready claims. Codessence has handled 40 million charts in 3 years at 98%+ accuracy and sub 24 hours TAT and at surprisingly low price points per line item.

Quintessence offers the best value in radiology coding services using coders and tech.

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