Our services are designed modularly so you can either pick them all, or select processes which need additional resources.

Revenue Cycle Management

As responsible partners for your revenues, we will handle all functions – from the patient encounter to reimbursement, as detailed:

Offshore RCM Process

Cafeteria style, smart sourcing

Not all of your business processes may need a partner’s support. Depending on the pain areas to be resolved and the need for additional resources, you may choose to offshore only a few areas and retain other processes in-house.

Quintessence can address your specific needs and demonstrate process-level benefits. Together we define metrics and SLAs for every process, and show linkages to reimbursement.

Customers benefit from a buffet of measurable approaches that provide visibility to savings, outcomes and effectiveness.

Individual processes, unit price

On such buffet-style picks, the compensation paid to Quintessence is on a per transaction basis (per chart / line item, etc.), or per FTE / per hour basis.

We agree on productivity norms, so you don’t pay for resources we don’t use, or for our inefficiencies. There are no hidden fixed costs or commitments.