The quantum difference with Quintessence as your partner

Your vendor today

  • Transaction and headcount-based services
  • Old world SLAs – TAT, Quality
  • No risk to vendor for acceptable error limits
  • Low cost, location-based price points
  • Overheads to manage vendor performance
  • Cumbersome transition, unpredictable ramp-up, inconsistent performance
  • No continuous process improvements and price cuts

Quintessence as your RCM partner

  • Business requirement-driven solutions
  • Outcome-linked assurances
  • Risk and reward-based engagement
  • Performance and reimbursement-linked pricing
  • Minimal partner oversight overheads
  • No surprise, mutually-designed transition program and metrics
  • Technology-enabled, sustainable pricing advantages

RCM Functions

The value Quintessence brings to your business

Outlined below is a composite value matrix of what our customers experience:



  • Fees linked to reimbursement
  • Benchmark-based process targets
  • People performance measures linked to client outcomes


  • Process engineering and optimization
  • Labor cost leverage
  • Technology and interface

Revenue impact

  • Higher reimbursement, 2-7%
  • Reduced denials to <5%
  • Reduced AR days by 3-16%

Full service, one fee

We charge a percentage of collections for all the services rendered. We draw up agreements matching the scope of services and commitments, exactly as in your customer contracts. Contact us