Amidst the mounting business challenges faced by a Revenue cycle management company, Quintessence understands that success is assured only by meeting your end-customer deliverables and collections. This is exactly what our systems, processes and technologies are aligned with.

Our teams help your account managers better handle their day-to-day Revenue cycle management services. Quick ramp-up, rapid learning and implementation of new rules, providing insight using statistical analytics and more. Your account managers are empowered with workflow tools, MIS reports, trends, and analysis, to handle their accounts.

We regularly build interfaces to import data from hospital and electronic health records (EHR) systems to fast-track data flow and reduce manual tasks. This reduces overheads on your staff, allowing them to focus on other priorities. Your account managers monitor daily production through transparent systems and workflows minimizing emails.

We know the secret to success is when your teams nod and when we have made their jobs easier.

Just ask to talk to our customers and go ahead, be judgmental!

Quintessence is full service

For every revenue cycle management company we touch every aspect of them. From scheduling to account closure – our staff, your staff, our processes, your processes, your PMS, our technology all are aligned towards higher reimbursements and accelerated cash flows. Our clients measure old world SLAs like TAT and Quality lesser now than they look at financial performance and ratios.

Revenue Cycle Management Process in Medical Billing
Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Have the cake and eat it too options

Quintessence can work on your entire service business for your Revenue cycle management companies, or on individual processes. Our pricing models are stitched according to your business choices. Either way, your benefits are assured.