Why Quintessence

Seasoned veterans of the business who have seen many engagements of various sizes, complications and  challenges will be at the forefront of servicing your needs.

Our leadership wears a consulting cap to enable health care enterprises to be target driven, process oriented and agile. We design our services to provide end-to-end visibility of your business, bring up process discipline and introduce flexibility to market demands and regulatory changes. With tremendous consulting and domain expertise we are ready to pounce on any part of your business that is inefficient, ineffective or dispensable.

The ‘Q’ Framework



What is new and why is it important?

Most outsourcing companies are content to remain as your back office process vendors. That is hardly a long term sustainable benefit model. We take a three step approach to convert every outsourcing relation to a smart sourcing partnership.

Consulting: Understand your core businesses, this shapes the services and solutions that we provide.
Technology: We study how and what technology can bring about quantum benefits to your business.
Outsourcing: We use steps 1 and 2 as reinforcing levers to model the outsourcing services.

We believe such an approach need not and should not be expensive and complex. Our smart services so configured, will then link your core businesses to the back office processes closely. We have the expertise to convert this approach to measurable outcomes.

Our team has the requisite know how and skills in business consultancy, IT, program implementation, Quality control and governance and have the confidence to assure an attractive ROI.

As a stake holder, you always want technology to be affordable and less complex, allowing it to be managed and exploited effortlessly. We agree it is a valid expectation. We create simple and low cost everyday automation solutions that allow easy and rapid deployment as well as bring an immediate smile to your bottom lines.


Compliance & HIPAA

SSAE16 Type I and II, ISO 27000 and HIPAA are all of the highest importance for us. We believe the provisions and compliance to standards help reduce the risk to our customer’s balance sheet. Quintessence is on its way to SSAE 16 and ISO 27000 compliance.

We will be audited and certified by a third party for HIPAA compliance soon and will be certified by a top 5 CPA firm for SSAE 16 as well

Compliance and Security protocol of Quintessence sets the enterprise information security priorities. We strive for appropriate safeguards to ensure patient confidentiality, data integrity, and availability of PHI information. We have policies and frameworks in place to protect our data assets from unauthorized access or disclosure. Our compliance program closely follows federal regulations and CMS.


Business Enablement & Employee Goal Orientation

Quintessence is probably a rare company that has moved to a 100% performance based compensation system in the outsourced market. All our employees are marked against the SLA benchmarks agreed with the client. This goal alignment, we believe, is a significant contributor to our continued success in meeting client goals.

Our Quality audit programs are versatile and rugged to cover system, process and transactional audits. Every employee is subject to a sample audit which reduces with experience and higher quality scores.

The quality department is led by a Vice president and reports to the business owner and is independent of operations to maintain integrity.


Pricing Models

At the outset, our pricing will deliver a flat 30% + savings off the table.

Our pricing model will reflect your business reality and is based on a shared risk basis. Our fee structure is based on pay-for-performance or contingency fee price models linked to service level agreements. Such a shared risk based fee approach reflects our confidence in our services and the benefits. We also are pleased to work on per FTE / per hour / per transaction based price models that you prefer.