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Amidst the mounting RCM business challenges, Quintessence understands that success is assured only by meeting your end-customer deliverables and collections. This is exactly what our systems, processes and technologies are aligned with.

Our tools help your managers better manage your customers. Your account managers are empowered with workflow tools, MIS reports, facts and analysis, to handle customers across your practice

Our HL7 programmers can build interfaces or import patient demographics, dictation, patient appointments, or integrate with the electronic health records (EHR) system, to fast track data flow and reduce manual tasks. This reduces overheads on your staff, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

Modularly designed services and technology-layered solutions give you total freedom of choice; to opt for full-service RCM or discrete processes.

Progress can be monitored via a transparent suite of baseline performance reports on a variety of parameters. Additionally, your outcomes are assured via the transition and performance guarantees we offer.

Being a price-sensitive service, the flexibility and transparency of our fee is an advantage. You only pay for the efficiency of the resources used.

Breaking free from the current RCM offshore paradigm, Quintessence invests in your growth by sharing in your business risks and rewards.

Quintessence is full service

We touch every aspect of the revenue cycle. From scheduling to account closure, our people, processes and technology work towards higher reimbursements and accelerated cash flows.

Revenue Cycle Management Process in Medical Billing

Have the cake and eat it too options

Quintessence can work on your entire revenue cycle business, or on individual processes. Our pricing models are stitched according to your business choices. Either way, your benefits are assured.